Introduction: T-Shirt Tote Bag (Quick No Sew Project)

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Part 5 of t-shirt repurposing is a tote bag! Graphic t-shirts make great tote bags because they already have interesting patterns on them, and these quick and easy no sew tote bags are a wonderfully practical way of reusing old t-shirts.

Step 1: You Will Need

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  • 1 old t-shirt
  • scissors

Step 2: Preliminary Cutting

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Do some basic cutting to get the shape of a tote bag.

  • Cut out sleeves of t-shirt
  • Cut out neck-hem

The result should be a tank-top like garment shown in the third picture.

Step 3: Fringe the Bottom

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Cut a fringe along the bottom of the t-shirt. The fringes should be evenly spaced (around 1 inch), and the same height.

Step 4: Close the Bag

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Form the bottom of the bag by knotting the fringes together.

  • Notice that the fringe are in pairs because the t-shirt has a front and back side
  • For the first three pairs of the fringe, knot the individual pairs together (3 knots total)
  • Now take 1 strip from the middle knot and tie it together with a strip from the first knot
  • Take the other strip from the middle knot and tie it with a strip from the third knot
  • Knot the next (4th) pair.
  • Take the remaining strip of fringe from the third pair and knot it with a strip from the 4th pair.
  • Continue in this pattern until all the fringes have been tied into knots

At the very end, you'll notice that the bottom of the t-shirt has been closed up by the knots - you now have a fully functioning tote bag with a cute bottom fringe!

Step 5: Some Final Notes

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  • If you decide you dont like the look of the fringe on the outside, you can always flip the bag inside out (second picture)
  • Add some additional embellishments onto the bag by tying the arms of the tote into knots as well to fit the aesthetic
  • Use this bag to carry all sort of groceries, a quick purse, etc
  • Enjoy!


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