T-Shirt Into Continuous Yarn!





Introduction: T-Shirt Into Continuous Yarn!

In this instructable I will show how to turn an ordinary t-shirt into a string of continuous yarn!
T-shirt yarn is great for recycling old t-shirts you never wear, and turning them into something more useful. How could t-shirt yarn be useful? Well, you can make all sorts of nifty things from it, including rugs and baskets and a billion other fun, customized things :)

What you need:
- a t-shirt
- scissors
- some time

Step 1: Step One

Step One:

This one is super easy.
When you've chosen your t-shirt, fold it almost in half, leaving about an inch and a half between the two edges.
    --If you don't fold it as flat as possible, any big creases will create jagged edges in your yarn and it won't be pretty.

After you've folded it and it's flat, cut off the bottom hem.

Step 2: Step Two

Step Two: the cutting begins!

After you cut off the hem, you'll want to start cutting the t- shirt into strips. You can eyeball somewhere between an inch and two inches, depending on how thick you want your yarn to be. I did mine at about an inch.
Do not cut past the "X" in the second picture. You want to stop cutting right after you've reached the fold of the first half.

Continue cutting the same way until you reach the sleeves. Once you reach the sleeves, you can continue to cut past the "X". Or, in other words, all the way across both edges. By doing this, you will have fully disconnected the "ribbed" portion from the sleeves and collar portion.

Your t-shirt should look like this now.
--You can save your scraps to make smaller pieces of yarn, or use them as stuffing for pillows, animals, dog toys, etc.

Step 3: Step Three

Step Three: this is where it gets tricky if you aren't paying attention.


Slip your hand through the "rib" so that it matches the picture above.

Cut from the middle of the edge, towards the far corner of the first left edge piece.

That piece has now fallen to the ground.
Follow the arrows all the way to the opposite edge of the "rib". (In other words, cut from the left corner of the top right piece, towards the left corner of the adjacent piece; continue.)

To finish, follow the arrow in the last picture.

Step 4: Step Four

Step Four: finishing touches

What you have now should be similar to the first picture: a pile of t-shirt ribbon.

Grab one end of the ribbon, and begin to pull it either left or right, until you've pulled every inch of it.
It now has a good curl to it.
For the best curl, I pull it both ways. (So after I pull it left, I pull it again, but right.)

Yay! All done :)
Now you can admire your pile of handmade yarn and envision another project ^^



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great instructions,my dogs love the rugs,maybe there is still a human scent on the

rug that comforts them. thanks alot---------mecila

1 reply

I make rectangle rugs in different sizes for animal shelters. It keeps them off the cement floors and more comfortable.

This is so easy and so fun. Thanks!! I am looking forward to my first project with my new yarn. One thing I noticed is that large logos on the t shirts do not roll where the logo is.

1 reply

I save logos for other projects like a t shirt quilt for my family, or to put on totes etc.

Happy crafting!

looks simple enough...even when you never done it before

this is the most easy tutorial I've seen on making t-shirt yarn. thanks

I'm loving this. TY♡

Thanks for posting. I have been searching for the directions on how to do this. Will it it a whirl :-)

Very Clear instructable! Nice Polish.

1 reply