T-Shirt Into a Button-Up





Introduction: T-Shirt Into a Button-Up

Turn any regular T-shirt into a sporty button-up tee.

Step 1: Collect Two Shirts

Go to your closet and grab an old or warn out t-shirt and prepare to revamp in with an amazing button-up. Then grab an old button-up. If you do not have any, go to GoodWill and pick up some cheap clothes.

Step 2: Take in the Shirt

If the shirt is too big, you will have to take the shirt in. To do this put the shirt on inside out and pinch the side in. Then take a sharpieand make marks on the side.
After making these marks, you will need to sew along the marks you made. Then cut off the extra cloth, and you will have a better fitting shirt.

Step 3: Cut the Buttons Off the Button-Up

Then you need to grab the button-up or the polo and cut the strip of buttons off the shirt along with the collar. Do this starting at the bottom a few centameters outside the seam.

Step 4: Attach the Buttons and Collar

You will need to cut the shirt in half in the front. Then align up the collar and sew it in first. After that the buttons should line up. this part needs to be neat. The collar doesn't need to be as neat because it will not be seen. To sew it, the t-shirt needs to be folded over and put on top of the button strip. And then sew it together.
Then you are done and you can sport your new button-up tee.



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    This is a great project I will most likely make! And the button up you used matched perfectly with your t-shirt, Great job!!

    This is so neat and creative. I love it to little pieces.

    This is EACTLY my "style". I love it and I think I am going to try and make it today.

    Hey this could probably be done with sweatshirts too, You can make a cute sweatshirt jacket this way!!

     woah!!! that was sooo cool!! i really will try it!!

    this is sooooo cute! thanx so much for sharing!!!! :)

    I saw this tutorial in a book called 'Tease'(T shirt reconstruction) I found at Barnes & knoble and I wanted to try it.Your shirt came out well:)