Picture of T-Shirt into a Button-Up
Turn any regular T-shirt into a sporty button-up tee.

Step 1: Collect Two Shirts

Picture of Collect Two Shirts
Go to your closet and grab an old or warn out t-shirt and prepare to revamp in with an amazing button-up. Then grab an old button-up. If you do not have any, go to GoodWill and pick up some cheap clothes.
This is a great project I will most likely make! And the button up you used matched perfectly with your t-shirt, Great job!!
kde miranda4 years ago
Breann, yo.4 years ago
This is so neat and creative. I love it to little pieces.
amomschoice4 years ago
Great job. Love the idea.
ronalds19845 years ago
kellimaier5 years ago
This is EACTLY my "style". I love it and I think I am going to try and make it today.
tinytears5 years ago
Hey this could probably be done with sweatshirts too, You can make a cute sweatshirt jacket this way!!
 woah!!! that was sooo cool!! i really will try it!!
jln8256 years ago
this is sooooo cute! thanx so much for sharing!!!! :)
mookittie7 years ago
I saw this tutorial in a book called 'Tease'(T shirt reconstruction) I found at Barnes & knoble and I wanted to try it.Your shirt came out well:)
That is crazy cute.
Yoda20887 years ago
GREAT instructable, i still say that it looks a little like a grandma jacket... it would be great to try out with a zip up? eh? but i like it. good show.
abbyh7 years ago
this is absolulty amazing. whoever made this is super cool!
That's awesome! Definitely going to try this out-- great job. +1 rating.
billien7 years ago
I like
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
cool, but you should rotate the pictures