In this T-Structable, I'll show you how to change the XP start button. This is the #1 easiest method there is. You don't have to restart your computer to do this! There are no complicated steps either. This is 100% idiot proof!

Step 1: Lets Begin.... ....Over All Ready?

There is a program that I personally made just for this occasion. It lets you type in a 4-6 letter word and change there start button text to what you typed!

To download this nifty little app, Click here.

Once you finished downloading it, run it. You'll see a window, shown in the picture below. As you can see, it's not very complicated. Type your text in the box, then click "Change"!

That's it!

Step 2: Easy Come, Easy Go.

Like all great things, there is a flaw. When you type more then 4, 5, or 6 letters, your letters wont all fit in the start button. The program doesn't re-size the start button to fit your text. Sorry about that guys, I can't do everything.

Thanks for viewing!

See the pictures below to see a Do vs. Don't situation:
yeah it does it makes XP feel like an idiot :)
cool, can you give me all your cool programs??? If yes, send to benlee130699@yahoo.com.sg thanks
same<br> tparker117@gmail.com
my computer is messed up now that i downloaded it
You need Administrative privileges to install it though.
does this downlaod hurt your computer? :-/
probably -.-
That's cool! T-Structables, you will having my dad guessing how I did that little trick for ages!
This is a great Instructable! Good job T-Structables!
how about you release the source code (shareware) so that we can fix the resizing problem? good job anyway...
sorry man didnt work for me
Sorry for the inconvenience, fixed and re-uploaded

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