T-Virus and Anti-virus Props





Introduction: T-Virus and Anti-virus Props

I made these prop T-Virus and anti-virus container from the resident evil movies using some plastic tubes from some ear buds I had bought and translucent acrylic rod in florescent blue and green colors. the acrylic rods wer twisted around a dowel while being heated by a hair dryer and then glued in place in the tubes.

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    i want to learn how to create a virus on my own

    Nice job. I've made a cheap smaller knock off that did NOT look as sharp and awesome as yours, sir.

    I believe I would like to take a stab at making some like yours

    You should make an instructable on the needle if you can.

    Find me some photos of what your thinking and I might be able to make something to fit

    www.hypesound.com has the tubes that hold earbuds. they are longer and skinnier than the original movie tubes, But might make for nice virus tubes anyways.

    earbuds "HY-059-AS"

    they look ok but i made 3 of my own and mine are better

    Not cool, you NEVER say "MINE ARE BETTER" if anything you post a link to you're s;
    & let the other members decide who's is better!

    BTW nice work SWV1787 great replica I think I'll try it some time.

    Thank you for the complement and for defending the Instructable's be nice policy... Who was that masked man???

    i love these. and It was wrong of that other person to say theirs is better. This is a DIY fun site. Someone might have a few more skills than someone else but this site is to share the skills. Not brag bout them. I give you kudos on your project and idea. Making some of my own soon. Also coming up with the syringe kit for the cure. keep up the good work.

    I like these one's better, sorry.