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How to create a re-usable bag from a T-shirt with Duct-tape. 

Step 1: Materials,

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  • using the patented adhesive enhancement system, make a re-usuable bag out of a t-shirt and duct tape. 

Step 2:

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Tape strips of duct tape together (utilizing the enhanced adhesive strength of SS2 system) developed solely for T-bag. Inc. 

Step 3: Adhesive Window System

create perforation along the bottom of the garment, so we get the Tape2Tape advantage. 

Step 4: Insertion

Using protective gear, create insertion of big bottom bag bottom to smooth garment. use Duct-tape for outer seal creating sealed bottom.  

Step 5: Bag Shape

cut v-neck bag shape and cut off sleeves for handles. 

Step 6: Pocket Slits

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cut pocket slits 

Step 7: Pockets

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Duct tape pockets into slits, and add pockets. 

Step 8: Enjoy

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Enjoy your bag, because your helping save the creation of over 1 trillion bags a year. 


kazmataz (author)2012-04-30

I don't know what to say about this

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