T-rex (Turn Almost Any 3d Shape Into a Real Object)





Introduction: T-rex (Turn Almost Any 3d Shape Into a Real Object)

First I want to apologise for not making a step by step instructable, but I didn't think it was necesary, considering that we used the same tehnique shown in my previous instructable "Turn almost any 3d shape into a real object"  that explained the Anubis project. Now we want to show you our new T-rex project we've been working on since we made that first instructable, so this is more like an update, so you can see what else you can do using a turning table on a hot wire cnc. We used a bigger hot wire cnc and bigger turning table for the bigger pieces, but the process was the same.  In the pictures you will also see how we made texture and painting. I hope you enjoy my instructable and also don't forget to vote in the  "Make it real challenge". I will answer your question as always, in the comments section bellow.
Thank you!



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    Wow ! Really amazing, guys !
    You are goddamn good artists.
    What kind of "glue" did you use to attach the legs to the body ? Expending Polyurethane foam ?
    And which kind of paint ? Is it acrylic ?

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    nice t-rex i am working an a book report visual with my 4th grader. book on dinos; report in 3-d on dinos due in early march. need very simple step by step visuals on how to build a dino around 10 feet tall on a low budget. single mom. no help from the father or the welfare system, working three jobs and living with parents after divorce. mom and dad is who i am to my 9 year old son, Wilhelm. this book report is an exciting and fun challenge, hope the dino turns out the way we think it will. need visual ideas eveyone, thanks. Maggie.

    You got it right both times. :) thanks

    This is the BOMB-DIGGITY!

    Thanks for posting

    this looks really cool, keep up with the good work, and good luck with the contest!

    As always a fantastic piece of art!! Well done!

    واقعا آفرین

    Hehe I don't know, but foam is usualy expensive to transport because it's very light and very big so they use volumetric priceing. Better if I send you the cutting path and you build a turntable for your cnc.

    I don't have a CNC that big but a cut path would be great.
    Thanks for the reply,awesome job.
    Might have to make one just for this purpose.Great Halloween prop.
    thanks again,

    Hallo, realy nice work. I have just one question.

    How you protect EPS from damaging, I can see that people can touch your sculpture, and what kind of paint you using to get so shine and strong sculpture?

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    Also the paint should be waterbased and if you want it to be shiny you should try a waterbased transparent varnish

    Depends on the country you're in. We made this t-rex in Turkey and we found there an epoxy resin, very strong and not damageing the eps. In USA you can find all kinds of styrofoam shells. Polyureea, styrospray, styrocrete.