T-rex Tooth ? ...


Introduction: T-rex Tooth ? ...

something i made about 4 years ago.. its carved of wood then coated in epoxy resign an then spray painted.. also i was 11 so be nice i guess 



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    what?... It's cool it looks so real

    nice job, this looks great, i did something like this, i used some black paint, then i shaved some graphite off a pencil and coated it with that, gave it a nice shine.

    This is very nice. Can you tell me more about it? What wood is it made of? How exactly did you paint the epoxy to look so "aged"?

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    well i painted the wood black first as i remember and then coated it in some epoxy
    i honestly dont remember it that well, i was just playing around really. i remember using some metallic silver spray paint though. thanks for your comment

    Well, whatever you did, you got a great result - I'm going to give this a try! Thanks for responding. :)

    thanks an the "aged" look comes from the epoxy an the way i painted it.. i doubt it had anything to do with actually aging as it looked like this straight after i was finished with it :)