Step 6: Firing Mechanism

Picture of Firing Mechanism
sprinkler valve.jpg
there are two ways to fire your gun you can use the electrical solenoid built into the valve or use the technique displayed by crispyjones

I will provide instructions for the electrical side
- 9V battery clip x3
- 9V battery x3
- shrink tubing
- wire
- switches, one that stays on and one that is momentary
- solder according to the diagram
- position the switches on the gun so that it is most comfortable for you
- use epoxy or glue to secure the buttons
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ftball9994 years ago
I am currently building a nerf gun using that sprinkler valve, I am assuming that I will need multiple batteries but what is the purpose of the two switches? Thanks,
hacker3455 (author)  ftball9994 years ago
the non-momentary switch acts as a safety, therefore if it is not in the on position, the gun cannot be fired
Ah, thanks. I will be adding a second switch to my gun for that!
Pizzapie5004 years ago
What if my sprinkler valve runs on AC?
hacker3455 (author)  Pizzapie5004 years ago
Have you tried applying a DC current to the valve? If you still don't hear the clicking sound of the solenoid, look online for a DC to AC circuit design, thats all I can really suggest. Or find a valve that runs on DC.
Thank You! It runs perfectly on DC. I will probably do this on my anti siphon valve. 5*