Really well done tutorial! And I FINALLY understand how to do the whole waistband thing, thanks!!
I mean, this is cute and all, but did you really have to destroy the skynyrd shirt??!
i LOVE this.....although i'm too old *and a bit too fluffy for this* i am definitely making one for my 6 yr old daughter...she will go nuts for it!!!thank you very much for the instructions....ps...those are the best *coolest* i have ever seen ! great job all the way around!!! and thank you very much! :)<br>
I love it! I just had to make one. But, the only on-hand fabric I had was 100% cotton, so, though it looks OK, the sway and feel of it isn't quite right. Which means I have to make another ^-^ <br>Thanks for doing a great job!! It was super easy to understand, and very easy to do. Have anymore? =)
huh the image didn't show up... hope it will this time...
Looks great! My skirt was 100% cotton as well, but it never hurts to have more skirts!
really? maybe I just needed more fabric.... <br>
oh i just love this skirt, i made one for my son and he looked so cute, he loves it thanks for the awsome instructions <br>
thats what i thought 0.o
Love it!! Definitely want to make this.
(&not;_&not;) It is very short! You naughty&nbsp; tart...<br>
Great video. I like the easy-to-follow steps. <br> <br>I have to say, your hands are amazingly beautiful.
Very good!!! And beautiful legs....
very cute... will try this one and post a pic after i do the skirt...
Can't wait to see it!
awesome! i'm going to make this over the weekend. perhaps it'll be my first nonfail sewing project.
Thank you for the drawings and the video! I always have such a hard time with sewing tutorials b/c I can't visualize what they're trying to convey. But, your tutorial was so super awesome, I think I could actually do this!!!
Super cute!! I love how you used both drawings and a video. Thanks for the great instructable!!!
Very cool! It looks easy enough for me, plus it's easy to make any size! Thanks :D
Very nice instructions!
How cute!
Thank you!

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