T Shirt Ruffle Skirt





Introduction: T Shirt Ruffle Skirt



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    Really well done tutorial! And I FINALLY understand how to do the whole waistband thing, thanks!!

    I mean, this is cute and all, but did you really have to destroy the skynyrd shirt??!


    i LOVE this.....although i'm too old *and a bit too fluffy for this* i am definitely making one for my 6 yr old daughter...she will go nuts for it!!!thank you very much for the instructions....ps...those are the best *coolest* i have ever seen ! great job all the way around!!! and thank you very much! :)

    I love it! I just had to make one. But, the only on-hand fabric I had was 100% cotton, so, though it looks OK, the sway and feel of it isn't quite right. Which means I have to make another ^-^
    Thanks for doing a great job!! It was super easy to understand, and very easy to do. Have anymore? =)

    huh the image didn't show up... hope it will this time...


    Looks great! My skirt was 100% cotton as well, but it never hurts to have more skirts!

    really? maybe I just needed more fabric....

    oh i just love this skirt, i made one for my son and he looked so cute, he loves it thanks for the awsome instructions

    thats what i thought 0.o