T Shirt Dress to Sun Dress in 10 Minutes





Introduction: T Shirt Dress to Sun Dress in 10 Minutes

Make this great little sun dress from an old t-shirt dress that you no longer like. I made it in 10 minutes one afternoon when i needed a sun dress for in the garden, I loved the dress but it was too short and I hated the neck line. 

Step 1: Remove Sleeves

Check the neck line fits just above your bust.  Pin from edge of neck in a straight line to waist. Sew along this line and cut off

Step 2: Add Straps

Cut the straps off an old vest top, Or you could make them fromthe fabric you have just cut off. Put dress on and pin straps in place. Remove dress and sew. Attatch a matching button

Step 3: Finished Dress

Add a new ribbon tie where old gather was or add little belt loops for a chosen belt. Finished and ready to wear. 



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    could u add more fabric to it make it longer