So I got this free t-shirt in the Chicago airport. I never wear t-shirts. What's more, this one was an extra-large men's (I wear a women's small), and it had a lovely graphic of Chicago on it.. but I've never been outside the airport, so I'd feel like a poser wearing it.

I decided to take this gigantic hunk of fabric and turn it into a shirt  that I might actually wear.
In short, I wanted to make it unrecognizable.
I think I did.

This garment has two cinched sections (on the back/sides), a corset back, a sweetheart neckline, and rouched shoulders and front.

Step 1: Materials

Your giant t-shirt
Wow, what a cool top! I bet u could do this for any oversized pull over top or tshirt.
this is really pretty!! I would love a video, or some more pictures, though. I have so many oversized t-shirts!!!
i'm not a huge fan of the corset back (although maybe a straight-on photo would help me see it a bit better), but the front!! It's gorgeous! So flattering to your figure! This must happen with a shirt in my collection... hmmmm... which shirt to slice & dice next? LOL
Yeah, I'm not fully satisfied with the back either. If you figure out a better way to do it... let me know!
Awesome t-shirt reconstruction :)
Rad! love it. Ruching is my favorite!

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