T-shirt rags - 4 rags from 1 shirt with just 2 cuts

Picture of T-shirt rags - 4 rags from 1 shirt with just 2 cuts
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Here's a really simple way to make 4 rags from one old t-shirt in 2 cuts.

All you need is:

An old t-shirt, or better yet a bunch of them
A sharp box knife (be careful, they can be dangerous)
A sold cutting board or workbench 

It's all spelled out in the video. 

They're handy to have around the garage for working on your bicycle, car and such. A great way to recycle old shirts.
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Step 1: Fold in half like this

Picture of Fold in half like this
You should see one side of the shirt. The sleeves will be in the middle of the shirt, one on top and one underneath.

Step 2: Take your box knife

Picture of Take your box knife
Hold it like this. Face the blade away from you. Push the point firmly on the table.

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut
Start at the middle of the neck. Wrap the shirt around the knife. Pull it toward you "through" the knife..

Be careful to keep the blade of the knife in contact with the table so it completely separates the shirt into 2 halves.

Step 4: Fold

Picture of Fold
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Now you have a front and back. Fold them in half. Stack them and turn them sideways.

Step 5: Cut

Picture of Cut
Put your knife on the table lined-up with the center. Wrap them around the knife and pull them through again.

Step 6: Done

Picture of Done
Now you have 4 rags - top and bottom of the front and top and bottom of the back. Less than a minute flat.

Step 7: Rag bin

Picture of Rag bin
Here's a handy way to store your rags so there always at hand.

Take a small garbage can. Cut a hole about the size of your hand at the bottom. Bolt it to the side of an overhead cabinet.

Throw all your rags in there and pull them out one-by-one from the bottom when you need them.

For an example, watch the video in the intro step.

Good luck!