T-shirt Reconstruction: DIY Ruffled One-shoulder Dress





Introduction: T-shirt Reconstruction: DIY Ruffled One-shoulder Dress

A step by step instructions on how to make a ruffled one-shoulder dress from an XL red T-shirt. This red dress would be perfect for Valentine's day romantic dinner. It would also be the ultimate eco-friendly Valentine's gift.
If you like to see more, please visit my blog: http://nataliecreations.tumblr.com/
This specific blogpost: http://nataliecreations.tumblr.com/post/4063507279/how-to-t-shirt-reconstruction-inspired-by-ruffled
Where I got the inspiration from: http://nataliecreations.tumblr.com/post/4032840938/sewing-project-t-shirt-reconstruction-inspired-by

Step 1:

I started out with an extra large T-shirt. This one was from a walk I did with March of Dimes to raise awareness on premature births in 2001.
Be sure to turn the shirt inside out to utilize the solid color.

Step 2: Use a Tank Top As Template

I used a tank top as my measurement for the upper part of the dress. I laid the tank top’s neck line against the circular neck line of the T-shirt.

Draw a horizontal line where you want the waist line to be. Then trace around the tank top for the upper part of the dress

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Cut...

Separate the top, from the bottom of the shirt.
Cut along the chalk line you mark for the upper part. Don’t forget seam allowance. Then go to your sewing machine and follow your chalk line with the regular straight stitch. Leave the neck line of course.

Step 4: Pin, Pin, Pin...

Next, turn the top part of the dress right side out, press it with your iron if needed.  Then insert the top into the bottom part, right sides facing and pin, pin, pin…

It was pinning madness. I seriously felt light headed after getting up from this. The top part is obviously smaller than the bottom part so I made some pleats.

The best way to do this is to mark BOTH piece. I folded them in halves, mark the centers and continued folding until I mark 1/8 of the circle. (I don’t know if I’m making sense at all here). I hope you know what I’m talking about.

Step 5: Sew...

Here is a closer shot so you can see the pleats. Once again, sew around the whole circumference to attach the bottom part to the upper part of the dress. Take out your pins as you go. You do not want to sew over your pins. I broke my needles…’nough said! :-(

Step 6: Try It On

Step 7:

Then I cut out a thin long piece of left over fabric to make the side ruffle. Pin and sew along the side of the dress.

Also, don’t forget to hem around the neckline and the armhole. I used just a simple fold into the wrong side and stitch with a straight stitch! :-)

Step 8: Finish!

My dress was all red so of course I need to break it with a belt. I love it! Not only because I spend nothing on it, it’s a perfect way to up-cycle those giant T-shirts.



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This is so simple and pretty. Thanks fr the detailed instruction i cd use it. And perhaps looking for more stuff from you

Ok so I'm not good at pleats... I;m thinking mark certain spots on the shirt and skirt, pin them to each other, then do the pleats just in between each point?

The way I did was, i kept marking the midpoints on the shirt and the skirt and I match them up. The pleats will automatically appear because the skirt is obviously larger than the shirt so it's forced to fold. Hehehe sorry if Im still not making it clear for ya! I wish i could show you in person.

Looks amazing- but I don't get how to do the pleats!


Thank u so much Natalie....There is dis Skater Dress that I had been eyeing!
But I'm no longer buying it.... I'll be makin it thnx 2 ur tutorial!
Cheers :)

Awesome idea! I have tons of old t-shirts laying around. Thanks for sharing!

This is so impressive! I can't believe you made this from a t-shirt. Awesome job!