T-shirt reconstruction inspired by Prada Spring Summer 2011 Striped dress

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video T-shirt reconstruction inspired by Prada Spring Summer 2011 Striped dress
This video shows you how to turn 3 different T shirts into a dress that is inspired by Prada Spring Summer 2011 Striped dress
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1samna1 year ago

Yes!! I love this sooo cute & so many color options to chose from. TY for making it ez!

tseay1 year ago
So inspirational. T-shirts never looked so good. I want to make sleeves, 3/4 would be best, do you have any suggestions.
Nataliescreations (author)  tseay1 year ago
Thanks so much! You can also use the ruffling detail and make some ruffling cap sleeves! :-)
shazni3 years ago
Great dress...
are the seams sewn inside( for the front of the dress)...or left to show on the outside?
Nataliescreations (author)  shazni3 years ago
Thank you Shazni, the seams are all on the inside of the dress for both the front and the back.
yamayka3 years ago
wow! it's lovely. It looks so simple to do. Great instructions!
Nataliescreations (author)  yamayka3 years ago
Thank you!
HollyMann3 years ago
That is so cute! I Love the bottom!
Nataliescreations (author)  HollyMann3 years ago
Thanks Holly! You're so awesome for subscribing and leaving me these sweet comments! :-)
Barbara19694 years ago
loved it,thanks for sharing!!
Nataliescreations (author)  Barbara19693 years ago
Thank you!
Well done that was so cool...thx
Nataliescreations (author)  butterfly_313 years ago
Thanks! :-)
CandyLV3 years ago
Yours is much nicer than the runway version, Good Job!
Nataliescreations (author)  CandyLV3 years ago
Thank you Candy!
MISTHULA3 years ago
Your dress is much prettier and looks better on you than the one on Runway. I am amazed and will now have to make one. Kudos.
Nataliescreations (author)  MISTHULA3 years ago
aww, thank you so much!
maeghi3 years ago
Wow, such an awesome dress, and so close to your inspiration! Kudos to you, and thanks for the idea. I think I'm going to try this with scrap fabric :3
Nataliescreations (author)  maeghi3 years ago
Thanks! Don't forget to share your final product :-)
zattle3 years ago
Nataliescreations (author)  zattle3 years ago
:-) Can't wait to see!
msuero3 years ago
wao you are such a pro. that dress looks amazing.
Nataliescreations (author)  msuero3 years ago
;) Thank you!
mfenton3 years ago
Your idea is fantastic. Especially in these times when it is so important to reuse and recycle. Your dress looks great. I am sure you have inspired heaps of people!
velorna4 years ago
I love it, so pretty and the colors pop.....
Nataliescreations (author)  velorna4 years ago
Thank you!
mslaynie4 years ago
WOW!! I actually thought this WAS the runway version! Amazing... utterly amazing... and you've given me inspiration to do a similar concept but utterly different...


THANK YOU for this!!!
Nataliescreations (author)  mslaynie4 years ago
Thank YOU! :-) for the sweet words!
loveMaegan4 years ago
I voted for you ...this dress is a 10!
Nataliescreations (author)  loveMaegan4 years ago
Thank you Maegan! You're the best!
Even After all these entries, this is still one of my favs.
oh Thank you so much! This means a lot, especially during voting time of the contest! Please vote for me ;-)!
NANCYDT4 years ago
"T-shirt reconstruction inspired by Prada" is THE BEST! Amazing result!
jadekikyo4 years ago
Voted. :-)
Nataliescreations (author)  jadekikyo4 years ago
Thank you so much!
No problem. :-)
This is one of the best Instructables I have ever seen. You did an amazing job, and the video was also very professionally done.
Thank you, please vote!
Yes I agree, perfect and easy to understand even if, like me, you don't really understand (and ahem listen) the audio part.
Thank you so much!
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