Step 5: Wear it!

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Basically, you'll wear your old t-shirt upside down. Depending on the size of your shirt, your result could be worn as a top or a dress.The outside pockets make a nice addition, but you can also attach them to the inside of the shirt, for a simpler outfit.


Can't WAIT to make one!!! I'm large busted and I get so tired of not being able to sport a tube top!!!

i so love this .. i'm going to make this for when i go out :D
uniqueleigh5 years ago
Wonderful idea. Another "add to" suggestion could be instead of running elastic through the bottom seam of the t-shirt you could run a matching ribbon or cord and use that as a drawstring. That way when you wear the shirt you could tie that up around your neck to help hold the shirt up. Just figure I would throw that in. Thanks for sharing. I will have to make one of these very very soon.
infi cute!! :) lOved it :) :)
ennaxor6 years ago
god i love it..I'm gonna try it..and sell it
you're going to sell her idea? way be a thief.
isavendetta5 years ago

im already making it!! it's awesome how easy and cool is it!! thanks a lot for making it so easy! and stylish!

brilliant, I think I'll make my gf one of these today...thank you.
green_girl6 years ago
I think this shirt is super cute!!! I will definately wear this to my next party!!! Thanks so much for the idea!!!
kkelso126 years ago
Do you buy a boys shirt so it will be long enough? And if you do buy a boys, will it be skinny enough?
islegirl6 years ago
Love it! I'm gonna try this today. Thanks : )
rally7 years ago