Check out my K.B.S.P too!

Have a look, tell me what you think. Uses 2 broken pieces. A few mag issues, it just needs a better mag... Comfy stock, comfy handle, bolt, pin guide and a tactical rail.
plz plz post instructions
It's long gone friend (:
You stole my tactical rail! I posted a picture of it on my tiny TR-8 way before this was posted on my wall.
Well, sorry, but i didnt ''stole'' it from you. It's all made by myself and i didnt looked to any other knex guns except the zkar a little bit for the pin guide connection. Btw, i never seen your tiny tr8.
Naw, I know you didn't. But I got the design out first is all I am saying.
Ok but i didnt stole your design either :)
x'D ok ok it's fine.
Looks like a not-as-good version of the ZKAR. It's not true bolt action for one thing. If it was you wouldn't have any mag issues. There's a much better way to do that bendy stock thing too.<br><br>Overall the design is pretty much slightly above average but I appreciate the attempt.
ok, thanks for the constructive critism :)<br><br><br>btw, it was not based on the zkar and it's a prototype assault rifle attempt to make myself better at making assault rifles... and it's not a whole instructable...
It just seems like the ZKAR because it has a similar bolt and handle design. And does the fact that it's not a whole ible really matter?
it matters for me... becuase this is just a prototype and not worth an ible because the mag doesnt work properly and some other annoying things...
It's not the best, but I guess it's okay. 3.5*
k, ty :)
i like it alot! 5*
thank you!
no prob!
Its ok i guess.... 5* :D
thanks ya! :)
Thats awesome 5*
ty :)

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