Picture of T36 Long Range sniper
Hello everybody! This is my Second gun on this site, i entered it for the TGKT.

I love this gun mostly because of it's range, i also really like because it has a bullet lock and two storage spaces (one on the stock and one on in the body)

100-250 foot range
2 extra storage spaces
comfy grip
bullet lock

Longer to reload than a bolt action gun.
Tons of pieces used

Hope you like it! And renember to push the subscibe button!

be sure to check ouy my Extrem 40

Step 1: Barrel Part 1:

Well, just follow the pictures...
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bolt action srv2 lol...
mm18654 years ago
preaty darn cool ahh
this is the 4th gun I made from darth gecko man's creations. pump action p90, pump action pistol, shotgun and now this!
Der Bradly (author)  ralphkidsguns6 years ago
Ummm... I never made nay of those.
 soz, left my account logged in and cousin got onto it and posted some messages! lol!
DGM just made an assault rifle, 2 sidearms, and that blazer he deleted that was very overrated. he made pump nothing.
liar he did'nt make all those
thats one big f****r 
Der Bradly (author)  SnapFitPieces(:5 years ago
woh! this gun looks AMAZING! wish i had the pieces to build it :(
cool bas36 years ago
how work the trigger?????
Der Bradly (author)  cool bas36 years ago
triggr work liek blue thing push green thing aand ya
what for bullet have it???
Der Bradly (author)  cool bas36 years ago
da thing wit teh 4 slot and purpl or grey is
thanks man i make it tomorrow
when your done can you post a pic of the trigger please?

destroyed it.
and i never finished it :P

and you mean blue rod push green rod en then you shot
beameron6 years ago
what,s on this INSIDE ???
Jesus. beameron5 years ago
where is the trigger?
i cant see where it is on the inside of the gun
Der Bradly (author)  beameron6 years ago
ive got a bit of a request will you please please pleas times 1000, make like just a bare minimum version. like JUST the gun no unnecassary style plz plz plz. it can look like crap plz just the gun cuz im a pretty much straight up knex noob. im just getting into guns and i have few pieces. like no scope and junk you dont have to cuz well u dont have to do anything but i would REAAAAALy appreiciate it thx
Der Bradly (author)  anthonyman756 years ago
dont you mean ROTFLOCOPTERS
chazman25 years ago
you need to brake the stages of the gun in to more detael,can you do it
chazman25 years ago
what sort of triger have you used?
can it acturly fire a knex peace or not
mikstr26 years ago
hey, Darth Gecko Man! yoohoo! over here! ya, you! Can I use and post your bipod on my instructable for the M17 sniper rifle I made. I'll give you credit for it.

Der Bradly (author)  mikstr26 years ago
Go ahead.
awesome gun
Drum_Dude6 years ago
Couldja break the gun down into single layers so its easier for us to build it?!
pie25x6 years ago
I have no idea what to make on anything of these pictures.
Der Bradly (author)  pie25x6 years ago
Sorry, but instructions of this gun suck Make my Blazer v1 instead
this is better than your blazer.
Der Bradly (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Who the Hell cares?
I dont know, but who the hell cares if someone cares?
yup they do
Jesus.6 years ago
i was going to build it but i don't have a ton of knex so i can't *sniff* :(
Jesus. Jesus.6 years ago
i still don't have a 'ton' i only have 60 or 70 pounds of it now i got a 3600 peice
lot off of ebay
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