This instructable will show you how to make a super sled.
A super sled is designed as an all in one cutting table for your table saw, replacing the original mitre and fence.

the adjustable arms can be adjusted to any angle for any job type

I made this because my miter was insufficient and was having trouble cutting correct angles.

i have adjusted the text it should all be Arial  9  and all black text
thank you for  your feed back

Please enjoy the instructable .

All feedback is welcome including

Constructive criticism..


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Step 1: Tools needed

Picture of tools needed
Wood glue
Several G clamps
Long straight edge ruler
Drill with ¾ and 3/8 bits
Heaps of sand paper
60 12mm screws
26 25mm screws
6 40mm screws
2 65mm batten screws
Square with 45 degree pre set
Saw rip or tennon
Philips head screwdriver or bit for drill
Dowel x 2 and matching drill bit
Two steel rulers
2 triangular drafting square.
Chisel 5mm
Tape measure
Countersunk piece or 9mm drill bit

Step 2: Timber Needed

1    2x4 ft board >cut down to size
1    48 inch x 1 ¾ x 3 inch hard wood
1    8 ½ x 6 ½ hard wood
1    90 x 45 mm x 300mm (12 inches)
2    2 ½ ft thin plastic or runners timber

Step 3: Base

Picture of Base
Start with a piece of ply wood 2 x 4 and cut it down to 36 x 24 inches

Draw a line from each corner to the diagonal opposite making a really large X on your board.  They should intersect where your centre line is. Hopefully
You can do this in any order. Draw your x first then measure your centre line or mark the centre line first

I have called a hole where the router goes all the way through the timber a
 (through and through  )

 I honestly did not know how to explain it any different.

Having a long writers block. lol sory

rimar20003 years ago
This is a good instructable about a better job. But it lacks a good introduction. Think that there are many (many!) instructables followers as me: we can read English, but don't speak it. Therefore, we must do an additional effort to understand. Therefore, we need an abstract, and that abstract is the intro.
broken board (author)  rimar20003 years ago
sure thing.

all done
OK, now it is far better! Thanks.
fazgard3 years ago
Nice project. Finished project looks great - thanks for the detailed information.

As a woodworker also, I'll have to make one of these when I get back to my shop - looks like it would be very hand and increase the safety factor of running my saw without the guard on.

Difficult 'ible to read thru, though, and I had to read thru 90% to see what you were creating - only did so because I love woodworking also.
An overview on the first step would be very useful, and there are too many fonts / colors there in the 'ible for me to read thru.

Thanks again for the plan modifications, I look forward to making my own!
broken board (author)  fazgard3 years ago
I agree.
All changed
Thanks for the help.
If you are right into the safety issues, you can make an extra box under the handle behind the fence to keep the blade from protruding and becoming a danger. A top and two sides is all it needs. I have thought of adding it myself after using the sled.
Seeing the blade pop out behind the sled under my fingers is very unnerving.
Broken Board
broken board (author) 3 years ago
G'Day Mate

Thanks for the feed back.

I have changed all the text to Arial 9 and black from the mixture of calibri 12 and all sorts.

I type the instructable in word then paist it in to create instructable. when i make corrections while making the instructable the system adds them in calibri 12. but its all done now. i will keep an eye on it for the next one.

i have also added a short intro stating what it is and what it is disigned to do.

cheers guys
Great job on the sled... I like it... though, I would opt for a more stable material for the main sled board... Construction grade plywood warps and bows. instead maybe use MD F of Baltic birch... I hated even point this out on this Awesomely done Instructable... you really did a great job... on both sides... Keep them coming,...