Step 10: Sled Handle Part 1

To make part 1 of the handle that will be fixed above the back board I used 2, 45x90’s glued, doweled and
Join them, you can join them any way you like.

The size I’m trying to get is 8 1/2 x 6 ½.
This block will give extra support to the rear fence now it is cut
I added some dowels to the job but it’s an optional extra. I’m prone to dropping things, the added support will help.

Mark your centre of your board width wise, this will align up with the centre line on your sled and also the centre line on your rear fence where the blade cut. While it is not essential to do, it will look more esthetic.

Give your job a serious sand, if you like that type of finish or leave it rough it’s all your choice.

I started with 60 grit then -80 – 120 -180 – 240 then a piece of very old 240 with a buildup of stuck wood to its surface, this give a nice polish to the finish.

As you can see I’ve gone overboard with screw holes but that’s just me.

Four would be fine.

The two single holes are to join an additional piece with dowel, making the top of the handle

I need short screws, but long enough to do the job, which I did not have, so I gave each a fairly deep countersink hole for the head of the screw. The four main screws, I used roof batten screws.