Step 18: Eaglelake Woodworking Diagrams.

The plan came from eagle lake woodworking and was origanally constructed by John W Nixon in 2009
I played the video and took a tonne of notes while on pause.

This is a good instructable about a better job. But it lacks a good introduction. Think that there are many (<strong>many!</strong>) instructables followers as me: we can read English, but don't speak it. Therefore, we must do an additional effort to understand. Therefore, <strong>we need an abstract, and that abstract is the intro.</strong>
sure thing.<br><br>all done
OK, now it is far better! Thanks.
Nice project. Finished project looks great - thanks for the detailed information.<br><br> As a woodworker also, I'll have to make one of these when I get back to my shop - looks like it would be very hand and increase the safety factor of running my saw without the guard on.<br><br>Difficult 'ible to read thru, though, and I had to read thru 90% to see what you were creating - only did so because I love woodworking also. <br>An overview on the first step would be very useful, and there are too many fonts / colors there in the 'ible for me to read thru.<br><br>Thanks again for the plan modifications, I look forward to making my own!
I agree.<br>All changed <br>Thanks for the help.<br>If you are right into the safety issues, you can make an extra box under the handle behind the fence to keep the blade from protruding and becoming a danger. A top and two sides is all it needs. I have thought of adding it myself after using the sled. <br>Seeing the blade pop out behind the sled under my fingers is very unnerving.<br>Cheers<br>Broken Board<br>
G'Day Mate<br><br>Thanks for the feed back.<br><br>I have changed all the text to Arial 9 and black from the mixture of calibri 12 and all sorts.<br><br>I type the instructable in word then paist it in to create instructable. when i make corrections while making the instructable the system adds them in calibri 12. but its all done now. i will keep an eye on it for the next one.<br><br>i have also added a short intro stating what it is and what it is disigned to do.<br><br>cheers guys
Great job on the sled... I like it... though, I would opt for a more stable material for the main sled board... Construction grade plywood warps and bows. instead maybe use MD F of Baltic birch... I hated even point this out on this Awesomely done Instructable... you really did a great job... on both sides... Keep them coming,...

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