Introduction: TAD's BAR

TAD- The Awesomest Dude, BAR- Basic Assault Rifle, Coming soon with a better name! This is by far my most favorite gun that I have built recently. This gun has many interesting things about it. Here are a few:
Good range, 40-60 feet on average

Several features of The Red Book of Westmarch's guns; modified handle, modified internals from R3, and the tilted magwell.

The 5-layered magazine comes as an inspiration fro him as well

This is my second gun to feature 6&7 layers, tell me which one you like best!

Has tactical rails on to and bottom, i have attached my favorite foregrip and tried out a new tilted version. I also added custom sights.

Smooth trigger pull.(Hair trigger)

This gun is rugged

No necessary broken pieces.

That's about it, please leave a comment!



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    Nice gun! You still building?

    Yeah uhhmmmm, this is really awkward for me but check my bio.

    Oh....ooopsies....I never really check people's bio's, but good to know lol.

    It's fine. I added it a day before you asked. And I guess maybe I should make a forum topic to let everyone know.

    Very nice gun! It looks very sweet and orginal!

    My first reaction: "This looks great!" You did a really good job making this original. The overall body setup is great, and you formatted the gun really well. At the same time, there are certain things I would do to version #2. In the first place, I would change dat stock (XD). It is altogether to blocky and "devoid of creativity" for me (I am teasing about the last part, =D). In the next place, I'd change the sight setup. I would go with somthing less... uh.. huhge. =D

    Yes, the stock is . . . . well lacking. The sights, well, I like them, I might make a version two, not sure at the moment. Thanks for your feedback, you are an inspiration to me to stay involved in knexing, it is safe to say that if you were not here I would not be here either.

    Well, that is a very high compliment! I'll be sure to remember that, so that IF (and that is a huge if) I ever get tired of K'NEX, I won't give up completely.

    BTW, what pistol do you plan on building for the pistol instructable?

    Image note in Picture #6 is my long-lasting slide action pistol with removable handle mag, and no broken pieces. Still needs a little touch-up though.