TAG Hack Personal Fans


Introduction: TAG Hack Personal Fans


Build your own personal to go fans. using TAG odour spray, electric motor and 9V battery. With my easy steps picture and video, will show you, how you can build a personal fans using materails you may have around your house.

Step 1: Materails:

What you will need for this project are:

TAG odour spray
9V battery
electric motor
clear coke bottle ( for propeller fans )

Step 2: Top Remove

remove the top of the TAG to place the electric motor, use a knife or the drill, please dont cut yourself.

Step 3: Hole for the Switch

use a drill to make a hole on the side of the TAG, for the switch.
connect the wires to the switch and the battery connector.

Step 4: Glue the Motor

Glue the electric motor in place,

Step 5: Make the Propeller

2 lite coke bottle
cut out the fans, make a small hole in the middle to fit the motor shaft.

Step 6: Pen

cut out 2 small pieces of the pen to hold the propeller together.

please the video clip for more info on this project, thank you



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    Wow i would have never thought of using tag... nicely done!

    Is TAG flammable? Because this gave me a great idea for a mini flame thrower that you could take into the locker room. Lol jk...... >.>

    2 replies

    nice i would totally make one if you made an ible for it. oh and yes tag is really flammable

    thats a really bad idea because the flame will go inside the container when u let go and explode and kill you

    It would be better for the power source to be a C-Cell or two AA's because they have a higher milliamp rating than the 9 V battery. The higher the milliamp is, the longer the fan will run :)

    awesome job!!!!!!

    That is one of the coolest instructables I have ever seen! Great job! favorited.

    AWESOME JOB! This is quite unbelievable, amazing job, I will have to try this. Smart! (added to favorites)

    1 reply

    lol not bad. good use of thos excess TAG body shot holders (i got sooo many when they came out with body shots via promotions for free :-D). but i dont use them, so this is a good idea heh