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Touch screen phones is one of the game consoles now a days. Some games played on the phones requires the player to stay active in order to continue playing. Common games include Clash of clans, AA and other more. Some people would leave their games to do something else and the game goes offline.

This Tap-Bot is created with simple electronics and simple body structure. This project can be done in less than an hour. I personally did it in 30 min. This project may not be perfect but it does the job to tap the screen to stay active. This project was also tested in AA, but in the game per level you must program the tapping sequence to finish the level. This project can be used for small touch screen phones up to tablets with the extendable arm.

I created this project for fun and make this robots to be of help or even a competition in games among the user. Enjoy creating the project. You can actually create different versions of this and a much more better ones. Share it in the comments below if you made one similar to mine :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed

The materials needed for this project is simple and can be easily substituted with other materials.

Materials used

1. Paper board or any other board that is sturdy.

2. Stylus

3. Arduino or any other clone programmable by arduino IDE.

4. Servo motor (sg90)

5. an arm to hold the stylus connected to the servo motor (i used an old TV antena)

6. Cable ties(Optional)

7. wires (i used magnet wire)

Tools used:

  • Glue gun
  • Cutter/ Scissors
  • computer
  • programming cable
  • marker

any other tools that can be of ease with the creation of the project is up to you.

With all the materials lets start the process.

Step 2: Stand With Servo Motor

Picture of Stand With Servo Motor

To place the servo motor in place with stability and neatness i have used cable ties. cable ties can be adjusted later. The paper board must be stable and solid with the servo motor in between the 2 paper boards since this creates vibrations and movement and it may wiggle.

In this design I did not glue gun the servo motor so that i can salvage it more easier in case i would use it for another prototype or in other projects. Using cable ties is much easier to handle compared to using super glue or other types of adhesive with the use of the paper boards, it will all depend on your material to be used. The cable ties also serves as a design since i used different colors not to make it look too plain and too robotic.


  1. Mark where to place the cable ties.
  2. Create a hole just right enough to pass the cable ties
  3. repeat step 1 and 2 with another paper board of the same size
  4. place in the cable ties into both paper boards and place a space just to fit the servo motor
  5. pass it through on top then lock it.
  6. make sure it is really tight and stable

*Refer to the images in this step

You may now proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Body

Picture of Body

The measurement of the body is not really important. Go with what you already have.

The body only has 2 parts one for the base and another one is the stand

just measure the right amount just to fit the arduino, the stand for the servo and a space for the phone. Then just glue gun the stand to the board to make it stable. Place generous amount to hold it in place since the servo motor may create a lot of movement.


  1. Measure and mark the base.
  2. Cut the desired measurement.
  3. Glue gun the stand (Refer to the image)

You may now proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Stylus and the Arm

Picture of Stylus and the Arm

the arm is extendable so that big screen cellphones can also be used by this tap bot. Cable ties are used here so that the stylus can be adjusted anytime in height for different types of gadget. cable ties also provided stability and neatness. Cable ties also gave me a choice to salvage the stylus if not gonna be used anymore in this application. cable ties acts as a safety feature where in it allows the stylus to be adjusted by the force exerted if it over rotates making it safe for the servo motor and your gadget.


  1. take the end of the arm and place a cable tie in a diagonal manner
  2. take another cable tie and form an X with the first cable tie (refer to the images)
  3. Get the servomotor accessory and match the arm
  4. get cable ties to hold it in place.
  5. if done just place the accessory to the servo motor in place.

*refer to the pictures for proper guidance.

You may now proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Wiring Up the Servo and the Arduino

Picture of Wiring Up the Servo and the Arduino

This may be the easiest step since you just need a positive 5v , Ground and a digital pin from the arduino board.

my copper wire was from a magnet wire. The magnet wire has an insulator that may look conductive but it must be scrapped off with a cutter or any sharp tool.

this design is created since my header pins for the servomotor is with a female pin. This is an easier and a diy way to connect it without any PCB or a module.


  1. Get wires (I used magnet wire)
  2. connect 2 short copper wires one for the the 5 volts and another to ground
  3. connect a long copper wire in a digital pin (i used pin 13)
  4. plug in the servo motor.

*Refer to the images.

This is the last step for the body.

You may proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Programming

To make everything work it needs a program.

The program attached with this project is to be edited in the "EDIT THIS PART ONLY" part of the program.

the code is programmed with the following configuration

  • digtal pin 13.
  • 1 sec off the screen
  • 150 milli-seconds tap on the screen
  • angle of 80 degrees off the screen
  • angle of 65 tap screen angle

All this specs should be edited depending on your servomotor placement. The time must also be edited depending on the purpose of this TAP-BOT. If it is for clash of clans any speed would be alright.

For AA, additional codes should be added and speed must be configured for different levels.

just add the following codes

touch.write();  //Enter the angle in ()                 <br> delay(); // Enter the time in ()

This program just have to be edited and tested to work well.

remember not to over rotate your servomotor.


To power it up you may need the computer or a 5 volt power source for the arduino.


pschofield2 (author)2015-06-02

haha i was gona make one with those rocking dash birds you get but this seems much better lol

souichi (author)pschofield22015-06-02

Nothing is impossible, i wasn't really able to make a plan for this insturctables and just saw this parts at home scattered around. If you make one, why not show us another version of T.A.P bot.

tomatoskins (author)2015-06-01

Great idea! I love making out of the ordinary things! I've never played clash of clans but could you just turn off the screen time out and achieve the same result?

souichi (author)tomatoskins2015-06-01

Actually its not the screen time out we are dealing with. it is with the clash of clans system where in you get disconnected if not being tapped or used in a specific amount of time.

tomatoskins (author)souichi2015-06-01

It makes me laugh a little on the inside because of what some game developers will do to get people spend as much time in games like this. It seems to work! :) Great way to get around that!

Blake74 (author)2017-04-14

Hay can someone make two of these things for me. Im not good with this stuff. I might pay you if you ask! THANKS!

AvramP1 (author)2017-01-18

This looks awesome. I have a question about the stylus. This looks like a passive stylus, but if so, how does it pass current to the screen? Don't you need the electricity from a human finger to pass through the stylus in order for the touch screen to register a touch? Is there current going into the stylus?

Blake74 (author)2016-07-17

Here is a FASTER way to BUY those Products! I Did a day worth of research and wanted to help you out getting those products. ...Here you go:

- Servo motor (sg90):

- Magnetic Wires (Might need to go to in store):

- Programming cable - Usb interface (Needed):

- Arduino UNO R3 (Includes free cable/best seller/better than original co.):

- Stylus pen (Quality):

The Arduino product might look different from the red one on the top of the website, but its not don't worry :) Its just a different company/more develop. sorry that the servo motor (sg90) comes with 2< thats the only one I could find with least amount on amazon. I think that this version way better than the 2.0 version because you can do more in my opinion. I HOPE THIS HELPS ! ! ! - $Total Cost (with tax): $50.71

lenin.ekennedy (author)2016-02-20

but because of new update there is no use of tap bot

YanchiY (author)2015-11-15

Hi! Thanks for the code. I have a little question about loop.

void loop(){

int timeupa= timeup*1000;

Does it mean it is only gonna tap for 1000 times?

souichi (author)YanchiY2015-11-15

Time up means the time where in the tapbot wouldnt touch the screen of your cellphone.

YanchiY (author)souichi2015-11-15

Thank you! Just little confused by *1000. What role does 1000 play?

YanchiY (author)souichi2015-11-15

Thank you! Just little confused by *1000. What role does 1000 play?

Simple-Circuits made it! (author)2015-08-09

Great idea souichi, I just made a swipe version of this robot.

souichi (author)Simple-Circuits2015-11-01

I like your version :) tap bot v 2.0 .. i hope someone would make a version 3.0 where in it swipes and taps :)

Maliki2 (author)2015-10-04

Im not good with mechanics anyway you could make me one of these?

souichi (author)Maliki22015-10-05

sure why not? its a bit costly since im using a programmable chip which was ready made.. :)

walshlg (author)2015-08-27

im going to make this but Please explain, HOW does the stylus work when you arent holding it? is it grounded somewhere? is it a capacitor? is it grounded to the phone somehow??

epicTCK (author)2015-06-04

cool, but 21 dollars too expensive. Why not use a 555 timer ic??

souichi (author)epicTCK2015-06-04

yeah you can use 555 timer ic but the ability to tap in various speed, angle and such can be edited and be done easier. on ebay they can sell items for less than $10

epicTCK (author)souichi2015-08-13

Yeah so yo could make the arduino tap multiple places, at certain times etc. I get it.

owatson (author)2015-06-19

pixel burn?

Samuel_Alexander (author)2015-06-19

Brilliant idea!

AubreyD1 (author)2015-06-04

congrats baaaaaahhhby :) but i do still want the 800+ tap :P

souichi (author)AubreyD12015-06-04

Alright ill try to achieve that :)

AubreyD1 (author)souichi2015-06-09

i know you can.

SamuelHoffmann (author)2015-06-08

Lmao dude you have achieved ultimate lazy congrats, brava

Nickolae (author)2015-06-07

Next challenge: a TAP bot that can play flappy bird?

13voltbattery (author)2015-06-06

No offense, but isn't this a lot of work to achieve the goal of not being raided?

FlipLucky (author)13voltbattery2015-06-06

It is not just for clash, but it could be used in so many games, phone or keyboard related tapping.

souichi (author)FlipLucky2015-06-06

yes for me those are the games i play in my cellphone that needs the Tap bot. Other games like AA may also use tapbot aswell yes you are right any games that needs tapping may be used by this tap bot.

LuisT6 (author)2015-06-05

Sandbird (author)2015-06-05

ahahaha nice idea...who needs a software bot when you can have a hardware bot.
I cant help it but when it comes to COC, the first thought was instead of a stylus pen....i pictured a hammer instead :P

nqtronix (author)2015-06-04

I had a similiar problem but instead of building up a robot to do the task, I've done a quick research and came up with a program called "auto touch". It requires root permissions but is in exchange a really fast tapper, up to 50 tps (taps per second). I still like your sollution as well :)

souichi (author)nqtronix2015-06-04

What i do not want about the application is that it needs to be rooted and it would drain the battery faster. And it is also bad to charge while using the phone since you take more current draw from the charger which may degrade your cellphone battery

nqtronix (author)souichi2015-06-04

Sure, the fact that it requires root is a bummer, and if thats the case your invention comes in place :D

However I've to disagree with you on the power consumtion issue. The current consumption is less than 1% of the total current (the display consumes the most) and "modern" charging circuits do handle the "charging while in use" issue pretty well (the power will be completely take from the usb connection, if there's still power left it will be used to chare the batterie until full).

souichi (author)nqtronix2015-06-04

Ahh i see, but background apps like that do really consumes the battery faster than normal. It may depend on the battery of the cellphones and everything is made different though :) some phones has been reported that exploded while charging. Different phones now use different battery like LI-Po in my case, but it all matters on the design and trust to the phones you are using i am able to use my phone while charging but it gets hotter than usual.

And some applications may have a problem with the compatability or some other issues. That is why this project may be called a universal tap bot? haha because it really need just a touch screen gadget and doesn't need extra memory and also no need to have the time to download and configure. Other people may just place their phone in this tap bot without downloading anything that is the only advantage :)

tsoneji (author)2015-06-04

Nice and simple concept...keep it up!!

Just4Fun Media (author)2015-06-04

Interesting idea. Never would have thought of that...

Have a great day! :-)

Techies1400 (author)2015-06-03

that's more simple with the bot maker app for android...

souichi (author)Techies14002015-06-03

Yeah but that would degrade your battery life and make your phone slower since it uses up memory as well.

ivver (author)2015-06-02

I actually had this on my mind for a long time, but I was too lazy to make it, anyway, nice setup, although I would not do that with my phone because from COC my phone get very hot for some reason..

souichi (author)ivver2015-06-02

Hi thank you for having a look at my instructables. My cellphone gets hot as well when i play, that may be due to the higher discharge rate in the battery when memory process is higher than usual like when using an app.

ivver (author)souichi2015-06-03

Possibly, but that only means that you did not made this project by the end, you're missing cooling system for your phone. :D

souichi (author)ivver2015-06-03

Theoretically all phones heat up and that is normal. except to the point where in it scorches that is a defect already, Anyways ill look through with the cooling system its a good idea, since cellphones degrade due to constant heating up in a long period of time.

ivver (author)souichi2015-06-03

Agreed, all phones heat up, but when playing COC my phone gets pretty hot to touch, actually screen gets pretty hot rather then phone it self, so maybe just to put something cold on screen, peltier maybe..

souichi (author)ivver2015-06-03

nice idea. i do have a peltier too but there would be another problem which is the cooling of the hot side of the peltier.

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