Hi, this is how I did a TARDIS Card.
If you want to see how it work, please see the video.


To make this project you will need:
  • 1 piece of paper: 21cm x 28 cm
  • 2 pieces of paperL 21 cm x 6,9 cm
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • pencil
  • crayon
  • black pen

Step 1: TARDIS Card - Bigger on the Inside

Take the first piece of paper (28 x 21 cm) and fold it down the middle.

Unfold and fold again with the sides folding in towards the center.

Unfold again. Your paper will have four 7cm divisions.

Step 2: TARDIS Card - Bigger on the Inside

Fold the paper again in the center.

With a pencil, make 3  marks in the middle ( 5.25 cm - 10.5 cm - 10.75cm).

Refer to picture three and cut on the marks shown. 

Open the paper and the paper will be cut, like in the picture 5

Step 3: TARDIS Card - Bigger on the Inside

Take the 2 strips (21cm x 6.9 cm) that were cut. 

Insert the strips "into" the first piece of paper, weaving in and out of the cuts.

Step 4: TARDIS Card - Bigger on the Inside

Decorate or paint your card and it is done!  Now, write a beautiful message and send the TARDIS to someone special :)

To jen7714 : You are a gentle and special person, thank you very much :D
<p>I just finished making this for a friend's birthday party tonight. Very ingenious design! It still messes with my mind, even after several prototypes and countless rounds of opening out the center sections. I really had fun putting together a story to take advantage of all the rooms, and then splicing the imagery together to print out correctly. Thanks very much for the design! I think my friend is really going to dig it.</p>
just completed it! thanks sooooo much!
I thought this was a fantastic instructable, but I have no artistic skills, so I created a PDF template that worked really well for me. I've attached it for others to use. <br> <br>It works exactly like the original instructable. Simply cut out the shapes on the PDF and assemble them in the same way as the instructions. I designed it so that when you first open the card it's blue inside, and when you open the hidden part it's yellow. Hope you enjoy it!
I forgot to mention: when you print this template, you must print it double-sided. Page two must be on the reverse of page one, and page four must be on the reverse of page three.
I wish somebody would make one of these for me, it's awesome!
Very cool! I just made one and it's awesome.
Wow, this is bigger on the inside. Heh, I'll have to try and incorporate it into my exam Study Notes :)
Thank you Shift! And yes, this TARDIS is bigger inside, has 5 rooms ;) <br>(please excuse my bad english)

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