TARDIS From a Single 2x4





Introduction: TARDIS From a Single 2x4

To get an overview how I made this, watch the Video.

Step 1: Cutting

My 2x4 was an irregular 2x4 because it was 2"x 4"

But if you use a bandsaw instead of a table saw then a normal 2x4 is big enough!

My Tardis has only two walls, so I cut the 2x4 in two pieces, one for each wall.

I divided it in 10 pieces and cut 8 on the table saw

Step 2: Dimensions

The TARDIS has two walls and each wall is divided in a upper frame and a lower frame.

The dimension of the TARDIS depends from the 2x4 and the thickness of your saw blade.

Thickness of one stripe = (width / 10) - the thickness of your saw blade

Cut 8 stripes, the last piece is one saw blade thicker

Tilt these piece 90° and cut it in 5 stripes
Here the last piece is also one saw blade thicker. Use this for the bottom.

The height of the lower frame = (the length of the 2x4 - one saw blade )/2

The width is determined by the length of the crossbars (one stripe=6 crossbars)

The height of the upper frame is the half of the lower frame + the top

In the upper Frame the windows are equal with the fields in the lower frame

Step 3: Making Half-lap Joints

All the crosspieces are joint with half-lap joints, made on the table saw

Step 4: Gluing the Frame

I put all together and glued it with wood glue.

Step 5: The Sign

For the sign I used a 4mm plywood and painted it black.

The letters are printed on paper. I cut them out and glued them on the board.

The frame was built with finger-joints

Later I glued it on the upper frame.

Step 6: Windows and Top

Windows and top were made with half-lap joints and glued on the upper frame

Step 7: Lock the Two Frames Together

To lock upper frame und lower frame together I used some extra pieces of hardwood.

The upper frame gets 3 "fingers" and the lower frame 3 pockets.

Step 8: Painting and Cover

For the windows I used white cotton and for the walls blue cotton.

Step 9: The Hinges

Instead of hinges I used wooden blocks with two holes and stitched them together with rubber band

Step 10: Fine Tuning

I closed the gap in the corner with an extra piece and I made a lamp wich sits on a diagonal bar.

If you like it, please vote for it in the 2x4 contest. Thank you.



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    Fantastic! I want to make one, but think of all the work to make the inside gives me serious doubts.

    Thanks! If you make only two walls, then the inside is the same as the outside! So don't panic!

    Wow this is awsum

    Im guessing the inside is taking a lot more time and material... being bigger then the outside?

    Yes, I guess I need two 2x4 for the inside :)

    2 X 4 = APPROX 13 Lbs.

    Doubled for fabric, and other misc materials = 26Lbs.

    Cargo weight of the first octocopter in google search = 35Lbs.

    Now, When can we expect to see the T.A.R.D.I.S. flying around a major city near us, making the tardis noise? Maybe with a life size foam Matt Smith hanging from the doorway?

    Funny Idea! The weight of my TARDIS is less then 14Lbs (exact 6,1 KG). So my be I make a kite! LOL

    more thought than materials.... wow.... love it!