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I made a TARDIS purse for my Doctor Who obsessed niece! For the blue fabric I cut out two large rectangle pieces of fabric for the body of the purse, one medium sized square for the flap, then two long strips for the side and one short strip for the bottom. I then took a starry patterned piece and did the same and used fabric glue to attach it. The strap is about 24 inches long. 

For the flap, I cut out 2 white squares for the windows, 6 very thin black strips for the window panes, and 1 black strip for the embroided "Police Box". I traced out "Police Box" and "Public Call" with a lead pencil on the black strip and used white embroidery thread to embroider it.

I then used a sewing machine to sew it all together!



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    So how many people actually stop and talk Who with you ? :-)


    So many! A couple of "Is it bigger on the inside" jokes, but a lot of people ask where I got the bag. I love telling them that I made it! It's a great way to find other Whovians for sure.

    We do live in a wonderful world where you make such  very cool things :-)

    I wish I could sew one but do not have a sewing machine. But is a neat purse.

    I like it... not too difficult to do... would make a great present. Very nice!

    This is brilliant! I am SO making one, but for myself! HAHA

    OK, somebody's got to say it. "Is it bigger on the inside?"

    Because I know some women's purses where it's amazing how much fits in there!

    So so cute! I might need to make one of these. :D

    how many yards of fabric would you recommend buying?