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For Megacon two years ago, my friend and I decided to both dress up as different Doctors from Doctor Who. But no Doctor would ever be complete without his TARDIS. So I built a full scale replica of the TARDIS. I engineered it so it would be fully portable. I designed and built it in large sections that can quickly be put together on location. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Once together, it's actually quite sturdy. I built casters into the platform also so I could easily enough roll it around. Which really payed off when moving it around Megacon all day long. We entered the costume contest with it and won 1st place in the Television and Movie category. Not too bad for just two weeks worth of work.

Here's the video from the Costume contest as well:

Megacon 2011 Costume Contest TARDIS - YouTube

ust let me know if anyone wants more detailed instructions on how I engineered this project.



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I want to build a Tardis tool-shed but so far the only plans I have found are your plans for the base. Is there more to this?

I have built Part 1 Base and am ready for the other pdf's if you have. Yours seems to be the most straight forward that I have seen. Thank you. John

My daughter is getting married in August & wants a tardis photo booth for her Dr Who themed wedding. If love the instructions for this!

This is awesome. Could you please give the rest of the instructions? There are many of us who would really appreciate it. Thanks.

I really like, er, love this bad wolf of a Timey-wimey Wibbley-wobbly TARDIS and i am DEFINITELY going to have to build one! I have been looking at lots of instructables on doctor who because i was going to make a Super-Grand costume, but it is obvious i will need a lot more than 9 months to get on this level XD Anyways, this is awesome and i needs one!

I really like this project and it appeals to me. May need to start work on my own build, I already built a Dalek just need to start expanding my range. If I do I will make sure to add pictures. -Thanks for a great instructable earned a favorited point.

Hello, I'm making plans on building a Murphy Bed that folds into a TARDIS. Would you have any suggestions for that? Thank you for your time. ^_^


I'm planning to build a Tardis.I was wondering if you can send any plans, parts list and sources for signs and lighting. Whatever you have is fine. It doesn't have to be as amazing as what you put together for the base. Thanks.