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My nephews are hooked on Dr. Who, the long-running British sci-fi series which seems to have a cult following. Their house is overrun with Dalek toys and models. Me, I have my Captain Kirk Chair and Stargate gong.

There also seems to be a culture of building a TARDIS. It is afterall, from the outside, a normal British Police Call box. Inside, it is bigger than it appears on the outside. And from the tales of Instructables member Goodhart, he can tell you how to fit a ton of stuff in small maker space. Yup, a small room is smaller on the inside.

I am relatively new to Dr. Who, really didn't watch it while growing up since it was on TV at odd times and I was still trying to figure out Monty Python. There are many versions of the TARDIS so some details may be mashed-up as I tried to adapt it for construction. I'm not really sure exactly which one this ended up looking the most like but feel free to comment on any authentic details you would like to expound on.

Anyway, you haven't really tried Making until you have done an Altoids project, LED project, duct tape project and some kind of IKEA hack. I started out thinking I could mod an IKEA blue foil/laminate Billy bookcase, hem the bottom/top, and applique a set of doors. Then I started to price out the project and that was way more than I should be spending on materials. So at Tarjay I found a smaller bookcase the right size that would do the trick.  This one made for college dorm life for $20US was just what I needed. Wally World should have an equivalent product. It's all about finding and using a premade shell that is proportionally correct for the dimensions.

As this is a sekret xmas gift, I shall post a video later of my nephews having fun with it and hopefully I get some video editing skillz to create that vanishing TARDIS special effect.

** Note that this instructable is written up for the contest deadlines, I still have to do some minor tweaks on installing the doors and figure out the best placement of the door handle and I will hot glue a metal disk or coin for the Yale lock. This instructable will be updated to reflect changes.

* full video coming soon *

teaser video, must be viewed with head tilted a lot or put your computer monitor on its side.

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UNDEADLY11 months ago
ok this really is awesome and I may give it a go. however the first rule of doctor who is to never abbreviate doctor ?
caitlinsdad (author)  UNDEADLY11 months ago

Oh no, I may be exterminated for that. Thanks for pointing that out. I cannot go back in time to correct that though but it may be corrected in the future.

drewgrey4 years ago
If You ever are in Cardiff they have a Dr. Who exhibit at the museum. I was EXTERMINATED.
Are you referring to the Doctor Who Experience or is there something else in a museum there that I have missed?!
OMG, that sounds brilliant. Too bad I don't live there...
jamie605092 years ago
Good job! I love the photo next to the car lol
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Make a mini doctor who doll to go inside!!
i love this
IsisOfSun4 years ago
This. This is amazing. Normally I'd think I could never do something like this, but after putting together all the furniture for my bedroom, I think I can actually do it. Plus I have an uncle who's handy with this kind of thing if I'd need help. Back to Home Depot!
Facsimile4 years ago
This is awesome :) My friend is a big Dr. Who fan, so I'm tempted to try to make this for her. Even though I have no experience with building things out of wood.
caitlinsdad (author)  Facsimile4 years ago
There are no fancy cuts and really you could do everything with a handsaw. You could do without the pocket hole joinery but you can even make a pocket hole jig and then you will find other projects to make. Good luck.
This is a really great instructable! I love Doctor Who, and I will most definitely be forcing my dad to make me one for christmas. :D He'll so go for it if I knit him a dalek, lol
tinker2344 years ago
make a cool dooor
chiffarobes4 years ago
I think that the length and width are equal of the overall rectangular prism "shape" of the tardis
SDC234 years ago
Oh be careful with the hot glue gun, guess how I know? If you can make the inside of your home beautiful, then you can make the outdoors just as beautiful especially with summer coming. Check out where I bought my outdoor swing at http://www.foreverpatiofurniture.com
caitlinsdad (author)  SDC234 years ago
SPAM. More SPAM in the link than on the outside.
caitlinsdad (author)  SDC234 years ago
But a hot glue gun is as good for outdoor use as it is for putting together blocks of S P A M !
vampierwolf4 years ago
you know what would be cool if you took one of the recordable gretting cards and recorded the TARDIS sound idk how to describe it or the doctor who theme song, and then took it out the card and taped it inside the door so ever time you opened it it would make the sound
texabyte4 years ago
What would be awesome is if someone made a TARDIS room entrance. That way, it would look small on the outside but be big on the inside.
You guessed my planned summer project. I want to use it as a entrance in my shed. I have actually thought of doing this since I built the TARDIS console.
A room entrance Tardis, has been done. Try visiting http://tardisbuilder.com for better information (than mine). Not sure if full scale plans can stille downloaded or not.
There is one of these on the third floor of the east parallel of East Campus (Tetazoo) at MIT.
caitlinsdad (author)  texabyte4 years ago
You could also put it on a dog house or pet door.
rondust4 years ago
My 6yr old daughter is a Dr Who fan literally from birth, she saw this and wants one she can step into to play games. So... there goes the cupboard in the laundry! Or if she can wait we will find one after Christmas to convert.
When I first saw this I though it was a CUPBOARD conversion...simple cheap good idea, GOLD STAR to you sir.
caitlinsdad (author)  rondust4 years ago
Any wall cabinet can be converted. You are really just making a new face frame with doors, and fitting a slice of the roof and lamp to make it look good. Since the sides are usually obscured when pushed back against the wall, you don't have to trouble yourself with duplicating the door details for the sides...unless you want moar. I think people would do this to an entertainment console, wardrobe, refrigerator, diswasher, oven, etc...

Leave the inside shelves and the back off of the bookcase so the kids can just pass through and play. Keep the adults out.
Hello Kitty4 years ago
caitlinsdad (author)  Hello Kitty4 years ago
Caitlin does want her own TARDIS now to play with her dolls. Maybe I should do it up in Hello Kitty pink.
Hmmm . . . that sounds awesome, but if you did it in pink it wouldn't be the TARDIS anymore . . .
caitlinsdad (author)  Hello Kitty4 years ago
It would cover up the burn and wear marks though.
'Burn marks'?
caitlinsdad (author)  Hello Kitty4 years ago
That time travelling weathers the TARDIS.
does it come with books from the future? lol:] great work!
caitlinsdad (author)  kyle brinkerhoff4 years ago
Yeah, along with a strange PM from one of the ibles staff,

Nice 2010: odyssey two/2061: odyssey three reference...
weird. i dunno what to make of it
You wouldn't want those books. They might contain the Vashta Nerada.
iv got a good use for a flesh eating book!
Nerds! Oh No's LOL j/k ;D
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