TARDIS bookcase cupboard - Goodhart Maker Den of Unequity Storage Cabinet

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Step 10: POLICE sign, window and door details

While the doors are mocked up, create a piece for the POLICE BOX sign. Miter cut moulding to frame around the POLICE BOX graphic. 

You will also need a filler plate that connects the two upright side rails under the POLICE BOX sign.  That evens out the surface going across the top front.  Glue that filler plate to the filler plate flush in the bookcase.  Attach to the side uprights later with pocket screws.

After I tested with the door handle I was going to attach, I found that not enough bearing
surface was available to mount the handle. I added a piece of square stock and shrunk the width a little.

I had it glued in but after thinking how I would add the sign, I decided to pry it off and build the frame separately so I could mount it over my callbox sign.

Glue together and put some pieces of reinforcing paper to hold it together at the joints.

Where the window frames will go, place a piece of plastic wrap in the opening. Cut pieces
for the window lattice and glue. Use pieces of paper to bridge the joints. I just eyeballed
how the window is divided.

You can pull out the latticework and flip it over to fill in the joints which will appear on the "good" side.