TAT System





Introduction: TAT System

This is a batch subsystem that was created by my friend and I.
We both enjoy batch files and have been working on them and researching them for months now, and have finally decided to create an instructable of it.

The credit for all games and applications goes to SeJma, Shadow Ops, and ourselves. You can find these in the Apps section that we created in our system.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Open Notepad by clicking the Start Button, click All Programs, click Accessories, then click notepad. After the below file is downloaded/copied, copy and paste it to Notepad and save it as TAT.bat.

Step 2: Download This File


Downloading also available at www.apprevolution.webs.com - If you have any programs you want published, please contact drmjj55: www.instructables.com/member/drmjj55

If you cannot, you may still download them here:

Step 3: Created Via Server

Below are images of TAT's network server hub and root.



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    I recognize some of the exact chunks of code in this... you copied some of this from Xtron, but then again, this is cooler. :3

    uh...go check out mine : https://www.instructables.com/id/Batch-To-SchoolMy-First-Instructable/

    Batch files dont run off servers, thats your tower anyway...

    TATcreator, WoW!!!!!!!! That's awefully comlicated! I'm doing a school project on computer networking and I don't know much about it, could you give any links, tips or stuff like that please. Ta uberdum05

    Its not that complicated. It just takes a lot of time making tons of menus and designing. It has nothing to do with computer networking though =\.

    By the way, the messages above and below, which are mine, were designated for TATcreator™

    um, TATcreator is not a trademark. Anyone can answer comments.

    No, I know TATcreator™ isn't a trademark, I just felt like putting it. And, while I'm on a roll, I wasn't saying that just TATcreator is the only one allowed to answer my questions, everbody can, it was mainly headed at TATcreator.