Step 2: Board

Picture of Board

This is the board layout I came up with. I wasn't planning on etching it, I only needed parts on a board. I print this out, tape it to a piece of board, drill it, put parts in, then solder them point to point. When I design stuff I keep in mind that I have to make it too so I try to design things I am capable of making. Making this is a little tricky but it can be done. It works too, and I know no one is going to rip my design off for commercial exploitation. Good luck making these in quantity! I made three and that was enough for me for a while.

Link to full sized file:

Pop Quiz: Can anyone see what label is wrong with this? Compare to this:


At least I think that one is right now.
eschoof3 years ago
Hi - I am interested in building a similar board for finally building a CNC router. Can you please upload the Eagle schematic file as well? The board file is a good start, but I'm having a hard time actually seeing how things are connected.

pfred2 (author)  eschoof3 years ago
You know one may have been an oversight but I thought I put something up? Also let me know if I have to put up the TB6560 library part or not. Sometimes the schematics embed them? All I know is I've opened some files with custom parts I've made on systems that didn't have the library file. I am hoping that is the case here. If you cannot access it I'll try to find mine and upload it as well.

It was probably harder for me to make than the schematic was. I could have sworn when I previewed this article they were there the other day?