Here is the T.B.A.P or Thunder Bolt Assault Pistol. Nothing too new just a Oodammo gun with great range and accuracy. It has a 20 round mag, true trigger, trigger guard, sight, and a comfortable handle. It holds enough bullets to last a round at war. Which eliminates reloading on the field. Has a range of 55-60 feet, (silentassasin21 got 135 feet with a mag mod) and the accuracy of a sniper. One of the new things on the gun is the ram lock. It prevents the ram from being pulled out of the back of the gun when doing rapid fire.
Over all this is a great gun for war. I now I'll be using it soon.
Does it sound good?? What do you think?? It only takes ten seconds, so reply!!
Also don't forget to 

EDIT: This gun reached 4.27 stars. First place for knex.

Step 1: Part Count.

No one likes running out of parts in the middle of a build. So I made a piece count for you.

Light Gray--------------------2


Odds and Ends:
Y connectors----------------18
Blue and Black hinges----3
Ball socket-------------------4
Ball joint-----------------------1
Tan clip------------------------4
Blue clip-----------------------4

Step 2: Step 1

Picture 1: Build two of these.
Picture 2: Build this. (Sorry for the fuzzy pictures my camera is bad)
Picture 3: Add white rods.
Picture 4: Add white rods to one panel.
Picture 5: Add this part.
Picture 6: Make this.
Picture 7: Build this. (Read the note)
Picture 8 Build this.
Picture 9: Get these.

You will need a blue clip in the next step so get it.

Step 3: Step 2

I hope the pictures are not so bad you can't understand them ,but I can't take more so it will have to do.
Picture 1: Add the green connector and blue clip.
Picture 2: Add this part. Sorry for the blur.
Picture 3: Add the trigger.

Step 4: Step 3

In this step we will add the barrel.
Picture 1: Add the white rod to this part.
Picture 2: Add it to the gun. (Again a bad picture but I think you can get it.)
Picture 3: Add this part.
Picture 4: Add the last part of the barrel.

Almost done.

Step 5: Check

Okay this is what you should have built so far.

Step 6: Step 4

Picture 1-2: Now add the other side of the gun.
Picture 3: Add these two parts together.
Picture 4: Add it to the gun.

Step 7: Loading

Picture 1: Build these things.
Picture 2: Load 20 pieces of Oodammo onto the mag.
Picture 3: Snap the mag into place.
Picture 4: Put the ram into the gun and add the rubberbands.
Picture 5: Add a weak band on the mag like shown and your ready.

Step 8: You Are Done!!!

Good job, Your done.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
I'm having troubles with this step. =D<br/>
how many gray/purple connectors do i use? Great gun btw
i can only put op to 18 in the mag
Can you please make a gun that doesnt require hinges and ball sockets and joints????
is the trigger guard required?
good gun from being from 2009!
make it with minis i dont have alot of regular size tell me when you made it with minis ps got no mini y connectors<br />
Well, you can't make it then.
oh ha ha ha ha ha....., actully it was a little funny<br>
how are bullets pushed up?<br>
What the heck is &quot;Oodammo&quot;?<br><br>And I love your guns.<br><br>I'm suscribing.<br>
made the gun and it is the best pistol i'll ever use
Cool, glad you like it.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH 2,666 views!!!!<br />
&nbsp; You mean the &quot;666&quot;?
pretty much<br />
&nbsp; I'm the 100th rater.&nbsp; 5 STARS!!!&nbsp; Amazing.&nbsp; Just brilliant!&nbsp; Best AST pistol EVER.
<strong>Best Gun Ever!</strong><br /> &nbsp; First semi-automatic I've ever made! works great! 5 stars! I'm happy!!!<br />
is it possible for the gun to work without all of those y connectors? i only have like 10, so i might not be able to make this. :(<br />
<br />
What about it??
Oops I forgot to circle the number of views your gun has.<br />
Still what about it??
You don't know what 1337 is?&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />
Not off hand. But I'll probably know/remember once you tell me.
It's basically substituting letters for numbers/symbols.<br /> <br /> |1|&lt;3&nbsp; 7|-|1$&nbsp; (Like this)<br />
Ok, still don't see anything important, but oh well.
1337 means &quot;Leet&quot; which is derived from&nbsp;&quot;elite&quot;.<br />
&nbsp;Where do you learn that stuff dude..................
.<br />
&nbsp;oh god i lol'd
....................................... uh ...................................<br />
<p>Ok, guess I just didn't catch that.</p>
<p>Very good. Not the best ever, but certainly the best in oodammo technology.</p>
Accuracy: 10/10<br /> Power: 9/10<br /> Compact?<br /> -YES!!!<br /> Light?<br /> -YES!!!<br /> Many ammo?<br /> -YES!!!<br /> <br /> Best knex sidearm ever made.
Best...........................knex...........................pistol........................ever! 5*!
Thanks man. :-)
<strong>4.09</strong> (85 ratings) 2299 views!!!!<br />
Yay!!! lol <br /> It's been in the front page for a few months now. :-)
&nbsp;I just gave this 5 stars and it went to 4.27...<br /> SO I JUST PUT THIS AT #1 SPOT!!!!!!
&nbsp;not anymore.<br /> YOURS IS!
I love this gun. It is pretty strong for just one rubberband!<br /> My only issue is that is will sometimes fire two bullets instead of one.<br />
&nbsp;this is one of my favorite guns :)
Cool, thanks.
&nbsp;cool avatar!
Thanks, check it&nbsp;out now.
&nbsp;looks good!

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