TBAP(Thunder Bolt Assault Pistol) Review,Video,Mods




Introduction: TBAP(Thunder Bolt Assault Pistol) Review,Video,Mods

I give full credit to this guy:KIller~SafeCracker and his awesome pistol. Visit here to see it :https://www.instructables.com/id/TBAP-Thunder-Bolt-Assault-Pistol/?comments=all#CEZFAI0FYAJLAT6 I willl show a video of my mods and shooting, but first my review,the shooting will have some slo mo and itis my first project!!!

Power 8/10 pretty good
Innovation:7/10 qwesome but it does look like a copy
Comfort:5/10 I had to mod the comfort!!!!
Mag 10/10 20 shots omg
Smoothness:8/10 Pretty Good

Fire rate: cock,pull trigger or cock (speed shots)



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Awesome instructable and very wittingly labelled!

Your camera needs a better voice recorder.

 You're posting on a dead forum! Yeah, true to that.

I will be making a new oodammo gun so stay put for it

Cool thanks for reviewing. BTW: The last bullet won't jam if you just stronger bands on the mag.

i triple lapped it and it just pulls it to the top, it shoots, but pretty high..

Well I just don't shoot the last one because it can be loaded easier with it in.

what is the thing under the trigger anyway? Did you see the mods, i like it better that way and its easier to speed shoot

trigger guard: fail, why? IT breaks and no use in a knex war, but it does look like something's missing without it