T.B.A.R (Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle)





Introduction: T.B.A.R (Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle)

Due to many requests I am posting the TBAR or Thunder Bolt Assault rifle.

This rifle is just packed with special features. Some new and innovative and some old. First off, it is actually two guns in one. A 16 shot gun with removable clip, and a single shot sling shot that can reach ranges of 100-120 feet. The 12 shot gun reaches ranges of 45-50 feet and has some mighty power behind it. Oh, and both guns are fired from the true trigger in front of the handle.

So this is my assault rifle. The features:
Two guns it one and both are fired from one true trigger.
It has a textured butt for combat.
One of the guns has a 16 round removable clip for large ammo.
The other gun is a single shot slingshot that can shoot oner 100 feet easy.
And it uses a new trigger system that can fire both guns itself.

As you may know this had a rail in the slidshow, but that got taken apart before I made the instructions. If you want to build it from the pictures, here is the link to the slideshow.

**EDIT** This instructable has got up to 4.03 stars.


Step 1: Part Count

grey or black:2
4 broken whites

light grey:14

other and clips
blue clip:3
tan clip:4
ball socket:2
blue spacers:8

Part count from: cool bas3

Step 2: Step 1

Picture 1: Build two of these, just don't put the blue rods on one of them.
Picture 2: Build two of these, just don't put the blue rods on one of them.

Step 3: Step 2

Pictures 1-2: Build these things.
Picture 3: Add them to the body.

Step 4: Step 3

Picture 1: Build / gather these parts.
Picture 2: Add black hands
Picture 3: Add
Picture 4: Add black hands

Step 5: Step 4

Picture 1: Build
Picture 2: Add these orange connectors
Picture 3: Add the three panels to the handle.

Step 6: Step 5

Picture 1: Build two of these.
Picture 2: Build this
Picture 3: Build these

Step 7: Step 6

Picture 1: Build this, don't forget the tape or cut white rod.
Picture 2: Build this

Step 8: Step 7

Picture 1: Add the first panel.
Picture 2: Add the top of the barrel
Picture 3: Add the bottom barrel
Picture 4: Add the trigger (Part 1)
Picture 5: Add the trigger (Part 2)
Picture 6: Add the last panel.

Step 9: Step 8

Picture 1: Build these.
Picture 2: Add 1 panel.
Picture 3: Add.
Picture 4: Add trigger parts.
Picture 5: Add panel.
Picture 6: Add.

Step 10: Step 9

Picture 1: Build these.
Picture 2: Add to the top of the rifle.
Picture 3: Add the row of orange connectors.
Picture 4: Add to top of gun.

Step 11: Step 10

Picture 1: Add the final panel.
Picture 2: Connect the trigger.

Step 12: Mag

I hope this isn't to hard. Just follow the pictures. In the 10th picture you put tape around the mag. The final picture shows how to load.

Step 13: The Ram

Build this.

Step 14: Step 13

Picture 1: Add the ram and bands.
Picture 2: Add bands for the sling shot.
Picture 3: Add bands on the trigger.

Step 15: Firing

To fire the mag gun pull the ram back and insert the mag.
To fire the sling gun, hook your bullet on the bands and hook on the trigger.

Step 16: You're Done.

You're done!!!! Congratulations!!!
I'm sorry if the instructions were to hard. This was a really big build for instructions.
Credit to Ironman for the mag.
Have a lot of fun.



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OMG!!! im the 3000th viewer!! :D

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I know this might be kind of weird, but how big is the barrel? Because I dislike the guns with A barrel shell and 3 layers of barrel orange connectors.
which is what most big guns are made of. Just in case u don't understand what im saying (because i'm confusing) go to Oblivitus and look at his rifle the Z35 or something because I made that and the ammo doesn't get hit by the firing pin since the ammo moves sideways in the barrel, "dodging" the firing pin making it not shoot.

You built the chamber incorrectly.

Really? I even built it twice and it doesn't work.

Then you built it wrong twice. You're the first one to tell me that they had that problem.

I built your Z35 and it was awesome.

I think I get what your saying. There is not that kind of barrel on it. The ram goes through the real barrel, and right into the clip. Since the ram shoots through the clip there is not that problem.

K thanks I'm gonna make it.

I'm on step nine i'll tell u when i'm done.