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Here it is, The TBAR or (Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle). This is also my TNKIT entry.
This rifle is just packed with special features. Some new and innovative and some old. First off, it is actually two guns in one. A 12 shot gun with removable clip, and a single shot sling shot that can reach ranges of 100-120 feet. The 12 shot gun reaches ranges of 45-50 feet and has some mighty power behind it. Oh, and both guns are fired from the true trigger in front of the handle.

One of the other innovative things on this gun is the new rail system I made.Pictures 4-6 Now instead of snapping the pieces in like Ironman69's rails this uses white rods and friction to hold the scope, or whatever you want to use, in place. But one of the really great things about this gun it that the rails can come off all together. I didn't make the rails go all the way down the gun, but you get how it works.

When you take the rails off the gun you can use the sling shot.Pictures 8-9 And we all know how great ranges we get with slingshots. So I couldn't resist putting both on the same gun. Pictures 10-11 show the new trigger mech.

Back to the features of the gun. It has cheek rest made of yellow flexi rod which you can set you cheek on when sniping to get a good look through the built in iron sights to see what your shooting; and it has a textured butt so the gun does not slip off you shoulder in combat. It has a fake barrel for looks and a nice feeling handle as well.

Here are some videos of the gun.

So this is my assault rifle. Shall we re-cap??
The features:
Two guns it one and both are fired from one true trigger.
It has a new rail design that can be removed from the gun at any time.
It has a textured butt for combat.
It has a cheek rest for sniping.
One of the guns has a 12 round removable clip for large ammo.
The other gun is a single shot slingshot that can shoot oner 100 feet easy.
And it uses a new trigger system that can fire both guns itself.


Awesomeness321 (author)2013-08-21

Where does he get all these pieces

Knexman15 (author)2011-07-25

looks very piece effiecent : )

X Files (author)2011-07-18


jmm72 (author)2010-09-05

omg that must weigh a ton

StarkIndustries (author)2010-08-03

This thing is HUGE!!!! I wish I had that many pieces.

disturbedrules2 (author)2009-12-23

COOOL!!! i wish i had enough pieces to make this

lol10 (author)2009-11-11

How long did it take you to build this?

Killer~SafeCracker (author)lol102009-11-11

It took about 2 weeks to perfect it.

GAG3 (author)2009-11-09


Killer~SafeCracker (author)GAG32009-11-09

Not really.

GAG3 (author)2009-11-09

HOLY S***!

insanecreator92 (author)2009-11-04


Yup, it won the contest. Round 2 anyway.

thomaswatton (author)2009-10-28

could some of the whites be replaced with blues?

Yes you can.

kwl and i have got to idmit if i turned a corner and saw sum1 standing there with this i wud be pretty dam frightened! But it does definatly look better with the top part.

smilee (author)2009-10-24

Lol snipping

LOL I didn't see that.

Good for snipping... FOR SURE!

zyoxin (author)2009-10-24

you gotta post how to make this on knex inovations

I posted a topic but I won't post instructions.

Pizzapie500 (author)2009-10-19

Hey how come when u posted the instructions for this, it looks diff?

I didn't post the top rail.

Dirtyboyy (author)2009-10-01

because i can say abouth a little gun that it shoot 300 feet you no ... bud i like him .. so please make a video of the range , what you can do with it .. you no ? great gun ;) 3,5 STARS , with video 5 ;)

Dirtyboyy (author)2009-10-01

make video of the gun , what you can do ...

mikstr2 (author)2009-09-21

im sorry but you lose. try again next time.

You're irritating-.-

I posted instructions.

I don't mean you, I mean milkstr=P
he sais that smilee loses...thats irritating-.-

I know you said that to him I was just saying I posted instructions. But he wasn't saying that to smilee he said it to me.

hmm im confused but nvm

smilee (author)mikstr22009-09-21

Shut up

smilee (author)2009-09-21

You working on it now? not to sound pushy.

Yes I am almost finished, but I can only work on one computer so it will be later tonight.

Don't you only need one computer?

Yes, but I can't get the pictures to upload on one comp.

smilee (author)2009-09-20

I sware I would pay you one hundread dollors if you posted that!

I might post the gun without the top.

post it with the top

I don't have the top anymore.

can't u rebuild it

I could, but I just took it apart and dont want to waste my time.

when r u going to post and u don't have to post the top

i just told you.

gerrits13 (author)gerrits132009-09-21

when r u going to post

Probably tonight.

Oh my god please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool bas3 (author)2009-09-21

i liki it :P

cool bas3 (author)2009-09-20

think you that i going make this with 230 yellow connectors??

I think so. You might not be able to build the rail.

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