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Introduction: TBBR-2

I introduce you to the biggest...baddest...fully auto knex gun ever. it boasts a 30 shot bolt action magazine. 1-2 shots a second... mounted or carried.



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    thats realy cool
    i wana see it soon
    doese it still use the original triger we started

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    yeah but that was actually the mech that pulled the ram back.

    Just a news flash... I was able to get the gun fully operational last night I shot a whole mag without a single jam. I was using a trekker motor with very low batteries and it could handle it so I'm going to speed the mechanism up and sue a drill.

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    No!!! Not a trekker motor Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    two tethered motors and one green standard

    How much are you suing that drill for?  =P

    Oh yeah, I also got the gun down to a more comfortable length of maybe 4 ft.  and have a new deign for the handle.

    YaaaY, it's going to be a replica. And a good one at that. :)

    I'm posting a teaser video right now, should be up soon :) I'm posting the whole gun on christmas eve, just in time for christmas day. It's my christmas present for all of 'ibles for being great this year and helping me out. Except Zak.

    Zak sucks balls.  I plan to have a basic clip-fed bolt action assault rifle up soon.  Nothing to special, mostly just to test out making an instructable.

    LOL, Yeah, I'll prolly do the same thing so it will be up on Christmas. Can't wait to see it.

    I posted it, if it isn't up on here it will be up on my youtube page:


    Pm me? :)