Picture of TBOS (Thunder Bolt Oodammo Sidearm)
Here it is everyone the TBOS. By far, my best knex pistol so far. It's twice as powerful as the TBAP. It's more compact and sturdy, plus it was build for comfort. Some of it's features are: twelve shot oodammo mag, true trigger, extremely nice handle, compact, it has a new ram lock, and it's as sturdy as a rock. It gets a range of 55 - 60 and has great accuracy.
Sound good?? Let's start building.
Tell me what you think it only takes a few seconds.
*EDIT* This gun got to 4.26 stars. #1 for all knex things.
Also don't forget to
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Step 1: Part count

Picture of Part count
We all hate it when we don't have enough parts to finish a project. So I made a part count for you.

Light Gray--------------------3
Dark Gray--------------------1

Flexi blue rod-----------------1 (I guess it's not needed, but it makes it feel nice)

Odds and Ends:
Blue spacers----------------6
Y connectors----------------8
Blue and Black hinges----1
Ball socket-------------------2
Tan clip------------------------1
Small black wheels---------6 (You don't have to use these they just make it feel nice, You can also use head tops if you want)

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
In this step you'll be building the body of the gun.
Picture 1: Build two of these panels.
Picture 2: Add the white rods ,that are noted, to one of the panels.

Onto the next step.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
In this step we will make the trigger and the inside of the handle.
Picture 1: Build these things.

Onto the next step.

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
In this step you will build the insides of the barrel.

Picture 1: Build these. They will be the top of the barrel.
Picture 2: Build the lower barrel.

Onto the next step.

Step 5: Let's put it together

Picture of Let's put it together
We are going to put it together now.
Picture 1: Add this part to the handle.
Picture 2: Add this part of the barrel.
Picture 3: Add this part, It also serves as the mag wall.
Picture 4: Add this part.
Picture 5: Add this part.
Picture 6: Add the trigger.
Picture 7: Finaly you add the other side of the gun.
Picture 8: Add the small wheels on the handle.

Sorry is the pictures are a tad fuzzy.

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I made your TBAP and its awesome. I added sight to it too
jmiester2 years ago
could i make a bigger mag?
Absolutely amazing. The best gun I've made so far! 5 stars, no doubt! :D
polaris 2503 years ago
you are a boss!!!!!!!!! 5*
soldeir 93 years ago
WOOOAH!! most powerful knex gun ive made!!! i stupidly aimed at a window and scared the heck of of my dad when he was walking outside!! :D lol thx for the instructable..heres mine:::: (i didnt have any wheel things)
how many blue things are on the handle?
Rods or spacers?
soldeir 9 NYPA3 years ago
it looks like more than 6 if u complare the actual thing to the looks like theres like 15
soldeir 93 years ago
this looks beast, im gona make it tomorow if i dont have 2 much homework..even though i havnt buiolt it yet, im giving it a 5* bcuz i no all guns u make deserves a 5* b4 i make them!! :D keep it up!
ur momma3 years ago
btw today is my b day

ur momma3 years ago
this is the best gun ever i luv it thanks ksc
Could anybody please tell me what Oodamo is?
Im new here and dont know very much about k'nex guns.
A reply would be apreciated.
Oodammo is an ammunition round that composes usually of 2 pieces. It's a round commonly found in TR - style guns as well as many sidearms. There are some specific advantages that oodammo has over normal single rod rounds . For one , if a gun is built correctly, oodammo tends to get better accuracy as well as distance when comparing to single rods. The most commonly used round is a "Red connector " with a "White rod" attached in the middle of the 3 connector slots.
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  Inventor X3 years ago
Your right, except its always a white rod and red connector. If you use a longer rod it doesn't work as well and its not oodammo.
basicly just a red connector and a white rod connted too it
Omg,thanks for the early reply...............
crazykiddo3 years ago
OK so i built Ur gun but i didn't have a hinged piece so i modded the trigger and it still works perfectly thought 1 miss fire occasionally but still the best oodammo gun eva
you can sub the black ball parts with single gray connectors. you just have to add a little tape on them after youve built the gun so they dont fall out
Cheezpaper4 years ago
I made an awesome iron sight. All you have to do is change the 3 slot 90* connecters at the back with green 4 slot 135* ones and put the tan clip with the tab pointing inwards. At the front on the picture above, change the mini-knex transition piece with a y-clip and it should look like a H&K MP5 iron sight
Cheezpaper4 years ago
Can we substitute the blue clip?
Cheezpaper4 years ago
Lol this gun looks like some gun I saw in a video game..
jimmyjimjam4 years ago
this is rubbish it jams the oddammo comes out the end RUBBISH
riggles4 years ago
Awesome gun very easy to build as well only took me like 20 minutes to build (10 to find pieces :) ) 5*
By far, one of the best pistols i have ever made
Thanks, glad you liked it.
knextremist4 years ago
i rated and got the 100th rating!!!!!!!!!! wooohooo
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  knextremist4 years ago
Cool, and thanks.
bumboozer4 years ago
Can you extend the mag capacity?
of course.
joey994 years ago
I mite post a gun and i wanted to have your permission because i used your guns body
twobytwo4 years ago
dude this thing is totally bad*** great job this is my best gun yet
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Does this gun have removable mag?
(removed by author or community request)

I meant like DJ_Radio's oodammo guns, they have removable mags. This one doesn't.

Yes, make the magazine clip on a blue rod instead of a silver/white one, then add 3 of the "racks" one on the inside and 2 on either side, then you can load in the ammo and fire it, when the first is finished pull it off and put on a duplicate, make sure the blue rod comes with the racks and is not left behind.
 wow thats nivce i had a more difficult system
Your what?
 ah never mind
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