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Introduction: T.B.O.S Review

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Here it is. My review of the T.B.O.S. Enjoy!
Thanks to Killer~SafeCracker for the design.
This is in Aijeece's K'NEX gun reviews. Thanks to him!



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    It needs 1 cut rod, two if you follow the instructions to the letter. I have about 20 cut rods, so it doesn't really bother me.

    I know, but I said the Mezak's handle was the best I've come across, not the Mezak itself (though it is the best oodammo repeater in my opinion).

    Teh, the MeZak oodammo gun is on my NEVER TAKE APART EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT list

    if i have to, i use rare wheels: its a gearwheel without a hole at one side... it helps pretty good. and also 4 shooting i always use K-Sport Biking Gloves :P
    so even with the uncomfiest guns i never hurt my fingers or my hand...