T.B.U.A.R (Thunder Bolt Urban Assault Rifle)

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Introduction: T.B.U.A.R (Thunder Bolt Urban Assault Rifle)

Killer~safecrackers Tbuar! I built it off the pictures and asked him if I could post! I give him 99% credit. 1% credit to me for making the instructable. Let get building!

Step 1: Scope

This is the scope... easy enough.

Step 2: Mag

Again, easy

Step 3: Handle and Other Parts

Pretty easy.

Step 4: Trigger

Very easy

Step 5: Mag Area

This is where it gets a little tricky but look at the image notes and you should be fine.

Step 6: Ram

The hardest step...

Step 7: Trigger Area Part1

Just build it

Step 8: Trigger Area Part 2

build it again.

Step 9: Put It Together Part1

Fun part

Step 10: Put It Together Part2

continuing from last step

Step 11: Banding


Step 12: Loading

Put the ammo(Cray clip with orange connector) in the top of the mag pull the pin back and pull the trigger.



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    Took me an hour to figure it out...

    That is not my fault.

    What actually hold the mag in place?


    Does this shoot two at a time? Cuz i built it and it does that.....

    was I having a nappy when this was made?

    I don't know. She offered to post instructions so I let here.

    oh btw funny story... my history teacher said a swearword in class.

    My one social teacher always swears in class, its really bad, he is also really mean. :(

    Surely they would fire him?