Medicine is a complex subject. Different people believe that different forms of medicine are the best. For example, in the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery are thought to be the best methods of treatment, but recent studies have shown incorporating alternative therapies to be beneficial. In the same vein, there has always been a dispute as to whether modern medicine trumps traditional methods of treatment such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Modern Medicine vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine

While both these forms of treatment focus on treating a particular disease, the traditional variety will emphasize more on the diagnosis and the healing of the whole body. In fact, TCM experts work by identifying the pattern (syndrome differentiation) in the body. An example is a headache. A doctor in a hospital today would simply prescribe a painkiller after getting that diagnosis. On the other hand, once Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses are issued, a specialist would go on to check for the cause of the symptoms before ascribing a form of treatment. This approach to treatment is what makes TCM so favorable that even Europeans seek out the Eastern treatment.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies are those treatments that were used by the Chinese in the natural treatment of both mild and chronic illnesses. These treatments usually involve herbal remedies to conditions such as aches, digestion problems, and even cancer treatment side-effects. Other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine are prescribed dieting as well as aromatherapy. Similarly, acupuncture of cancer patients and massages as a means of pain relief are also considered Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine at Clinics

If you have a condition that you think Traditional Chinese Medicine can deal with, the next step is usually to visit a clinic. The most common type of Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics are found in China and Singapore. They typically offer the same services though some are more specialized, for example, the Yong Kang Clinics renowned for its massage therapy.

The location of these clinics is usually the largest deterrent to those seeking treatment. The good news is, it may not be in future. There is a clinic called the Sanlida Chinese Medicine Clinic which conducts its business online.

How Sanlida Chinese Medicine Clinic works

Sanlida ensures that you can get your TCM diagnosis online by using its Chinese medical symptoms checker. Instead of traveling to see a TCM specialist, all you have to do is log on their website at https://clinic-tcm.com. Here, you create an account. Once that is done, the site offers you a chance to describe your symptoms, as you would to a doctor face to face. There’s two ways to go about it. In the first, you rate what you’re feeling, seeing or hearing. Does your voice sound gruff? Are your lips dry? That’s in the site’s Constitution category. Next you list the conditions that you are seeking treatment for in the Symptoms category. Could be blood diseases or some other one. The site additionally offers extra space for those who feel that they’ve not adequately described their conditions. If you feel like it’s needed, you can upload some photos too. The site comes across as easy to navigate.

The site then uses software known as the TCM Intelligent Diagnostic Therapeutic System to analyze and differentiate your symptoms. The software cross-references your symptoms with information in its database. The database is made of data compiled from experienced TCM practitioners. Through analysis, the system can generate TCM diagnosis for the user, usually for mild or complicated ailments. Once a diagnosis is given, a user may contact doctors from the site to get a personalized treatment plan. In this way, he or she does not need to travel to get the treatment.

The rise of online clinics such as Sanlida may be the new step for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment.

Sources: https://clinic-tcm.com.


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