Step 4: Attach to Arduino

Picture of Attach to Arduino
Here is the pinout for the finished module. On the left we have the IC2 connections SDA and SCL that will go to pins A5 and A4 respectively on the Arduino Uno.

The right hand side has a connection ANT (antenna) left and right audio and ground.

Connect all the left hand connections to the Arduino as described above.

If you want to be able to control the tuning of your radio (you don't have to, you can just set the frequency in the sketch) then optionally use a solderless breadboard to hold a pot (I used 10K linear).

The pot should be connected with the center slider to Arduino pin A0 and one end to GND and the other to +5V. Turning this pot will change the frequency.
ntewinkel3 years ago
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the great instructable!
Because of you I also failed to resist buying one off eBay :)

I didn't have a board, so instead of your breakout board setup I just took two 5-pin pieces of male headers and then bent the little pins to match the spacing of the (oh so tiny!) TEA5767 board, and soldered them that way. I soldered it all flat (see picture), because it was easy that way, plus I didn't trust that it could take the force of being pushed into a breadboard anyway. Then I used M-F jumper wires to connect to the Arduino.

I noticed one little important typo in your instructable though. Where you say "SDA and SCL that will go to pins A5 and A4 respectively on the Arduino Uno.", that is actually backwards. SDA = A4, SCL = A5 (see Wire library reference: http://arduino.cc/it/Reference/Wire)

Once I fixed those connections, it worked like a charm!

ps for others out there - it doesn't drive my earphones directly, but going through my powered computer speakers worked beautifully :)

smonk1 (author)  ntewinkel3 years ago
Thanks Nico! I like the pin header idea.