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In this in demonstration I go over the process of designing my TECHStyle jacket.

Tools - Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 5
             Old-school Graphire 3


- Have a Sci-fi feel to its design and a fun feel without being over the top
- Design a jacket that has a specific pouch to carry mobile devices 
- A hood with a mesh vent that allow user to wear headphone on the out of the hood

Step 1: Getting the Idea

Stage 1

* select the 2B pencil - This is my personal option you can also used the default pencil or one of the many other drawing tools            available in sketchbook

Image 1 -  I begin my design process by cutting the page into 4 section then roughing out some thumbnail ideas. The thumbnails all look messy, this is deliberate as I do not want them to have one lock in form or idea.

Image 2 - I create a new layer and begin working out some idea for the mesh vent for the hood.(Im thinking pharaoh head wear meet space helmet)

Image 3 - Next i setup the template to overlay my idea on. 

Step 2: Roughing Out the Ideas

Stage 2

* 2B Pencil

image 4 - continue setting up and adjusting the template layer. Create a new layer to sketch out and work out ideas. 

image 5 - Using the 2B pencil with a light opacity i start roughing out idea over the template layer. Referencing to the thumbnail layer for references.

image 6 - Now hide the template layer squint your a bit eyes .This blurs the image so you can be seen from a different point of view.                  

image 7 - I have made adjustments to the design.

image 8 - Turn on template layer and start working on the back design.

image 9 - Turn off template layer and check the sketch.

Step 3: Working on Figure View & Adding Tone

Stage 3

image 9  -  Sketch out a basic figure form (Stick figure)

image 10 - Add a  new layer an begin roughing out the outfit design over the figure (Remember to refer to the thumbnails sketch)

image 11 - Turn on the hidden layer an check the design.

* Select maker

image 12 - Add a new layer and place it behind the sketch. Using the marker tool and a grey tone build up layer  of light and dark. use the erase tool to remove greys from such area as the face and creating highlights.

image 13 -   Duplicate the sketch layer and with a 2B pencil begin darkening the outing and adding definition to the sketch.

Step 4: Adding Color

Stage 4

image 14 - With the outline layer on return to the grey tone layer. With the eraser tool start cleaning the sketch and removing the grey

*(Tip Switching on lock transparency acts like a mask so only color area will be effected)

image 15 - Duplicate the Grey sketch and play around with color.

Step 5: Finial Staged

Stage 5

image 16 - Pick the marker tool  to Color the front and back design. Using the eraser tool to remove and add hightlights

image 17 - Bring all three Sketched elements into a single layer. To begin finalising the layout.

Final image - Put the finial touch by Adding all necessary background elements such as texts, background style, etc  

And that concludes this design process.

Thanks for reading. 



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