Hello friends you hv also heard about tesla who was great inventor.i m going to make his device for collecting energy from air.for make this device you will need these things....
1. 4 diodes
2. a 100uf ,50v capacitor
3. aluminum foil
4. piece of card board
5. some wires

Step 1: antenna making

Get a piece of cardboard and take aluminum foil the size of ur cardboard and staple foil on cardboard then hang it in room or go outdoor and put it on a pole at least 9-10 feet off the ground.Now take a wire and connect its one end to anteena
<p>Hi! Just want to ask what would be the effect on the circuitry if I use silicon diodes?instead of germanium diodes? Thanks in advance.</p>
<p>No problem you can use</p>
<p>Those that think that this works by picking up radio waves, seem to forget that in 1901 when Telsa patiented the device, there were no radio waves being transmitted. At that time to have a patient approved, a working device had to be presented to the patient examiner so it worked then with no radio waves.</p>
<p>I am sorry, but radio waves were there already at the very beginning of the universe !<br>We are completely surrounded by radio waves. Light, visible or not, is also a radio wave !</p>
<p>http://free-energy-info.com/Chapter7.pdf Looking at pages 12 and 13 of chapter seven shows that the circuits can be stacked to make enough power for recharging batteries. </p>
<p>and another question,the positive charges in the air are standing still...how to attract them?</p>
From Negative charges of ground.
<p>can you improve this device?</p>
<p>hello,can you connect a battery to the capacitor and charge it?</p>
Yes, but charge collected so less that you can charge for few second. <br>
<p>thx for the answer</p>
<p>a coil or what?</p>
<p>yes but,if i take it to a larger scale like getting it on a pillar and make it a big collecting panel?</p>
Please write more about size and construction of the alminum foil thanks
Can i use 1N4148 zener diodes and 4700uF cap?
Yes u can
Tell me if i can use a 4700uF capacitor?
Can i use IN4148 zener diodes?
Can i use IN4148 zener diodes and a 4700uF cap
Please reply fast i have to make this for my school project
Please reply fast i have to make this for my school project
Can i use IN4148 zener diodes and a 4700uF cap??
can i use IN4148 zener diodes??
By the way ANTENNA can not collect pos only charges. It collecting radio waves. Which would never charge a capacitor more than 1/3 of a volt. The ANTENNA would need paper or card board backing to collect pos charges one direction is needed the ground would pull the pos charges into your capacitor. Same results very low voltage. Most of the time the ground will drain anything u collect. A switch can stop equalizing effecrs.
Ur making one mistake. U can't collect enough electricity from sources like the sun or the air. Because as the pos charges get closer to the neq charged earth the pos are canceled out. This is why solar will never get better than 18% the panels slow the pos charges but can not absorb do to the speed of low charges. It's faster than light. U can't even absorb light at higher rates. The earth is collecting most of the free energy we seek. Fossil fuels work better as converting it to energy is 35%. <br><br>We need to find more efficiently in the conversion of fuels. But we will always complete with the earth for electric energy no matter what the source <br>Did u know it's more efficient to covert wind than solar. Also water converting is better than wind or solar combined. It the weight. <br>100 mph wind or 100 mph wall of water. Which one does more work or damage.
<p>just a suggst scheme</p>
<p>aden.limbong,</p><p>You mean a coil between the collector and the bridge rectifier? Why?</p><p>Respectfully of course.</p>
<p>I like the idea of Germanium diodes, considering they conduct at lower voltages than a silicon diode.</p>
<p>are you make it..?? plz give the picture of your project </p>
how do you ground it if you are inside or do you have to be outside
use ur home's ground connection,u can see a largest hole in ur electric plug,use that
ok thanks
I am guessing, you may want a current limiting resistor in there, if you plan on taking your device anywhere near high tension lines?
goot instructable but the electricity you are getting out is from radio transmitions in the air and the energy you get depends on how close you are to a transmitter or if there is an electrical storm nearby
nice instructable , <br> you would get better results if you used ultracapacitor instead of the one your using , and it would run your led a lot longer and maybe even charge quicker , <br>keep up the good work :)

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