Step 2: Make the Ammo Barrel

Cut a piece of sheet metal into an 15.5x30.75" rectangle.  I recommend sheet metal from the air duct section of Lowes, it's much cheaper than the actual sheet metal sold with the steel bars and such.

Mark a line down the short side 1/2" from the edge.  Every 1" to 1.25" or so put a mark for a rivet.  We made ours unevenly spaced on purpose to match the game gun.  Drill holes for the rivets on one side, the roll the sheet into a circle and rivet together.  Once you get the rivets in it should naturally form a perfect-ish cylinder.

Trace the end onto a foam board and cut out three circles to help it hold its shape.  One will be put in the front permanently, you can make this one as tight as you want.  After you put it in, hot glue it into place from the inside. 

The second one will be for the back end, but this one you will take in and out to access the inside of the gun.  I made mine slightly big and tapered the edges.  After a few fits it started to naturally sit in place.  I would recommend putting a single drywall screw in it to pull it out..

The third piece will be for the middle, it will be a little looser and will need to be modified later to get around the backbone.  It will be less for holding shape and more for keeping the barrel from deforming too far when the end piece is out.  With the end piece out this barrel is very weak, be very careful with it so you don't deform it too much. 
<p>Well, I did most of the making of the parts, son illustrated painted and assembled. The barrel spins on custom made bearings. We didn't do the motor bit yet. </p>
<p>Can I buy one from you? My friend wants to cosplay as the Heavy, and I would like to help her out. :)</p>
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<p>Thank you for inspiring me! I'm building my own Sasha, now.</p><p>I'm 3D modeling most of the parts, and I've got just about all the barrel components done. She's coming along beautifully. I'm going to do a test fit to verify motor operation (and lights... yes, lights). Then I'm on to other parts of the build.</p><p>I plan to have it done no later than May (for Phoenix Comicon 2014).</p><p>Thanks again for the inspirational Instructable. :)</p>
Okay on the barrel what is the front housing made out of? It looks like big piece of PVC pipe but you do not state what it is.
So i herd u liek maxez.
what does modge podge do to the foam, is it like a detail filler?
The primary reason for it here is to prevent the spray paint from melting the foam. Bondo is a much better detail filler since you can build it up and sand it smooth. Modge Podge is basically white glue mixed with water so it can fill details about as well as latex paint.
Is it possible to make this without some the machines (i.e. CNC, saws, etc.)? I, sadly, do not have access to much of them.
what kind of foam did you use?
This is just pure win :D, good job.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
nice <br>
I can has Maxes?
pretty nice looking. <br>I want one
Awesome tut! Just fyi, I posted to it on my site, www.propfreaks.com. <br> <br>Thanks for the great effort! <br> <br>-@PropFreaks
On a side note, I love the at, where'd you get it?? xD
I made it :3
That is awesome, do you think you are going to post how to make it someday?? :3
Of course! I started to take pictures while making it, but then got lazy, and stoped. So I have to remake it and actually take pictures this time. ^_^;
That would be awesome, I did the same thing when I made a pair of swimming trunks last year, I still made the trunks, but next time I make a new pair, I need to use different material. These retain too much water.xD
WOW! That is definitely the coolest roll of toilet paper ever seen! Lovin' it! &acirc;™&yen;
Sasha is awesome, kudos to you my friend. This is a job well done. :)
Great job! It's nice that this version doesn't cost $400,000 to fire for 12 seconds. <br> <br>I mashed 'Vote' several times. Hope that helps!
Well done, such awesome pictures!<br /> <br /><br /> <br />Wait...no <em>sandvich</em>?
it spins!

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