Step 8: Make the Shield

Cut a 15" x 7 3/8" square of sheet metal. 

Drill small holes in each corner at 1" away from the long edge and 1.5" away from the short edge.  (see pics for a drawing)

Find a smallish pipe and use it to bend the metal.  A good way to do this evenly is to tape one side of the metal to the pipe then roll it on a flat surface.  Don't worry about getting it perfect, as long as the bend is close the screws will take care of the rest.  In my tests, I found it's better to overdo the bend, otherwise it will try to bow up and not stay straight.  I used a 2" pipe to roll my metal and it sprung back to an almost perfect bend.

Drill holes for the standoffs; one set is straight above the handles, and the other at 90 degrees.  Just look at the end of the pipe and mark the end as well as you can, then use the ruler on a flat surface to mark a line all the way down.  Put cross marks on 2" and 14" and drill small holes there.  To hold the shield, I used some 1 1/8" standoffs I found in our boneyard.  If you can't find standoffs I'd use nylon spacers and some drywall screws or bolts.  No matter what you use, I'd try to design it so you can just screw straight into the pipe without having to do anything on the backside.
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<p>Nice instructable dude! I am making something similar to this, but i am trying to put a nerf laucher in it so it actually shoots &quot;Rockets&quot; :)</p>
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<p>Hi, awesome rocket launcher!! My son is dying for one of these for his Halloween costume. I am a single Momma and there is no way I can build this thing! lol Is there any way you would consider building one for us? Of course, we would be willing to pay you for the materials and your time. Thank you! </p>
<p>this is awesome. Do you think I could carve the wood piece out of actual wood (like Pine)?</p>
<p>that part, and the front of the barrel at the end?</p>
<p>You should make a sentry or a dispenser. That would be killer</p>
Waah, this is well-done, I would like to make the same, but, I got aquestion: Lengths are in inches, is not it? <br>(Sorry for my bad english)
They should be in inches, I glanced through and the only part that might be in mm would be the handle.svg but I believe that includes unit data so it shouldn't pose a problem. Let me know if there's a specific part you have trouble with.
Have you had any issues with the pink insulation foam snapping/in danger of snapping yet? I've heard it's brittle, so I get all antsy when the foam is being made into something long...
I also think layering the foam adds a lot of strength since the glue makes a nice thick, rubbery layer in between the foam pieces.
The foam is pretty strong structurally, the biggest problem is it dents easily. The cone also likes to come loose because the hot glue joint will just slowly rip off a layer of foam. I usually add some more glue to the cone before every event so I can stand it up without it leaning.
Someone deserves a high five. Come here, Cupcake<br>
I like the soldiers stash you got going on there ;) There needs to be more of these
I dig it! Foam on a lathe, I need to try that.
The girls with the toilet cannon is pretty sexy
Can you make a tutorial on how to make the costumes and the Max's Severed Head Hat? Cuz those are awesome..
FIRST. also this is pretty awesome <br>

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