Step 8: Make the shield

Picture of Make the shield
Cut a 15" x 7 3/8" square of sheet metal. 

Drill small holes in each corner at 1" away from the long edge and 1.5" away from the short edge.  (see pics for a drawing)

Find a smallish pipe and use it to bend the metal.  A good way to do this evenly is to tape one side of the metal to the pipe then roll it on a flat surface.  Don't worry about getting it perfect, as long as the bend is close the screws will take care of the rest.  In my tests, I found it's better to overdo the bend, otherwise it will try to bow up and not stay straight.  I used a 2" pipe to roll my metal and it sprung back to an almost perfect bend.

Drill holes for the standoffs; one set is straight above the handles, and the other at 90 degrees.  Just look at the end of the pipe and mark the end as well as you can, then use the ruler on a flat surface to mark a line all the way down.  Put cross marks on 2" and 14" and drill small holes there.  To hold the shield, I used some 1 1/8" standoffs I found in our boneyard.  If you can't find standoffs I'd use nylon spacers and some drywall screws or bolts.  No matter what you use, I'd try to design it so you can just screw straight into the pipe without having to do anything on the backside.