For all of you who play games such as tf2 you should know who the spy is. if not then let me sum him up, he is a hired mercenary along with the other 8 of the hired by Mann co. who uses disguise, knives and sharp looks to win.

Step 1:

What you need for this costume for cosplay and such is a:

- ski mask , if it has 2 eye holes just make one short cut in the middle.

- tan pinstripe suit

- dress shoes

- fancy leather gloves

-a metal watch

- a red tie

-white undershirt

If you want to be on the BLU team just switch all fabrics to navy blue. I strongly suggest going to the nearest Goodwill or second hand store to get these items under $20.

This is my first costume please comment other characters from games or movies and i will have them as soon as i can, thanks.

<p>Great idea! What did your final costume turn out looking like?</p>

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