My entry for the Grand Knexpert Tournament. It's the lancer from Gears of War. It has a bbkwg inside it, so its a very good gun. The chainsaw spins, so its possible to add a motor. I don't have one on because I didn't want to ruin the look of the gun. The gun is very easy to use, just pull back and fire. The gun never misfires. The only problem is the magazine is a bit annoying to load. The gun is very comfortable and it looks great.

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&nbsp;nice gun i made it in metallics
Awesome job!
What? Your bakenbitz though, ohhhhhh funny.
would u please make instructions for you lancer ikedog1995
awsome gun please post instructions <br>
bulid knex mads its a little better in some ways
what is a bbkwg
&nbsp;baken bitz knex war gun
&nbsp;it looks bent where the connection is between the mag and the barrel above it.... is it supposed to be like that .. ive got the game n it doesnt look bent.. : /
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nice but the lancer in the game is a machine gun
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nice gun i love gears of war
two questions. 1. does it shoot? 2. chainsaw work?
if you post side pics i could make easily and mag pics
Post the Lancah!
are you gonna post this?
this looks better and more like the actual lancer than ironman69's lancer well done!!!!!
heej i have te game and it look pretty can you post instructions
Have you not seen the video?
I like it alot, But it looks a little wobbly. Not that that is bad Much better than I could ever build
Its great how you say "It has a bbkwg inside it, so its a very good gun."
Yeah isn't it just priceless!
where can i see video
awesome plz send instructions. This is an idea but you could try to make the chain saw work?
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Dang.......... I want this gun........
I'm making an instructional video right now.
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I'm making an instructional video right now.
I'm making an instructional video right now.
If you post this I'll share the Fountain of Youth with you. ;D

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