This is my newest gun.
-True Trigger
-Adjustable Stock
-Break Action
-Uses Shells
-Fires the "deer slug" a good 40 feet.
You seriously need to post it
<p>post post post post post i need to build!</p>
Any one going to post this?<br>
please make instructions solekiller sold alll of his knex and wont post instructions anymore
sure if you could that would be great
Please make instructions ill suscribe <br>
cool gun
hi icetank
&nbsp;&nbsp;AMAZING!!! Make me one plz plz plz!!! :)
Amazing.<br />
KWL<br /> this rules and so do u<br />
can i heve the instructions plz!<br /> this is the best gun ever!<br /> can i heve it?<br /> =)=)=)
&nbsp;he will not. he has sold his knex and has stopped using this site
&nbsp;Huh? What? Sorry, I was just imagining a double barreled version 0_0
could you please please please make an turorial about this gun because its wicked =P
dude post the instructions that is so cool
POST<br />
dude can ya post instructions? then i will be very happy 1 please respond
cool will you be posting the gun after the tournament
that looks hackin' awesome! im gonna build my own. if mine works, may i post it?
yer only people with no lifes (aka people who watch fred) say "hackin" XD
FRED is the bestest comedian evo!!!!!!!!!
... lmao
Yer? You called?
Yer? Lol, what?
Yeah, definitely post it if you get one working. I know that a lot of people want it posted but I destroyed mine to work on the halo suit and my secret project which will blow you all away.
that was pretty quick! i already built the break action point. ok, thanks. although, itll probably end up like my other attempted projects-- not working.
I got it working!!!! Well it's now the size of a pistol. I sadly do not know how the compartment is built. And, it doesn't use modified pieces, cause a sharpened rod is not required with a ball joint system, I found out.
please make it
is there such a thing as a "bad" 40 feet?
can you post it
here it is
are there instructions for these two guns\
no, broke it
Looks good.
took almost all my pieces
you know how ur making halo stuff, i made the missle pod, want some pics?
s0le did you win or lose? Bet its a win
My shotgun scored top for the weapons round, but I didn't win the tournament overall.
please make a tortial to show how to make this, its the best shotgun ive ever seen
can u post the break action shotgun and the Oodammo shotbow?
post a tutorial please this is the best shot gun ive seen
Does it need any modded pieces? Like a sharpened rod, or a decapitated connector, or something like that.
The only thing that I remember was sharpening the ram so it hits the bullets right.

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