TGL-5: Triggerhappy's Grenade Launcher, Knex




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Introduction: TGL-5: Triggerhappy's Grenade Launcher, Knex

This is the best knex gun Ive made so far.
it uses ammo similar to a tactical shotgun by Johnhall14.
NOTE!: the date on the camera is wrong!!!!

>The grenade launcher,
>The gun loaded,
>the adjustable sight at its lowest,
>the sight at its highest,
>Looking through the iron sight,
>First-person view
>the grenade,




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    lol,I wonder who's tactical shotgun it came from =P option 1 or option 2. It's a nice design,handle and stock could use some fixing though =) SO what do you think of the ammo =) I never did get back to you on that sight design....

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    yea i forgot your username xD, and i figured the sight out, and even better (no offense) :P

    =P I'm glad you like the sight and grenade idea =)

    You don't say its a grenade though :P

    I figured it out, Skidoosh.

    :P Triggerhappy.

    oh and i found that type of ammo was more of a grenade, that was the inspiration :D

    does the ammo explode upon impact, or does it explode in mid air ? or does it separate after it leaves the gun?

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    only when it hits the ground :)

    hasn't failed me once!

    Also thanks for my 600th comment! =D